{‘Roid Week 2013} Diana-Diana

(click the photo to view it at a larger size – it’s better BIGGER!)

The night before I sold my Diana F+, I told my niece that I needed her for a photo and had her come outside. She quite cheerfully obliged, and I handed her the Diana. I’d already set my Polaroid Spectra 1200si up on a tripod with my Minolta Instant Pro’s close-up lens attached. I asked my niece to put the Diana camera up to her eye then had her stand to the side and photographed her casually holding the camera- my little model performed perfectly! I just thought the Diana was too cool looking to not utilize as a prop in a photo. And I have to say that between how well I like the resulting photos and my sentimental attachment to the model in the photos, these two are among my most favorite Impossible Project photos I’ve ever taken.


Polaroid Spectra 1200si  • Impossible Project PZ680 Color Protection
Minolta Instant Pro close-up attachment used on the left photo  

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