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{First Birthday} Eli!!!

Sweet baby Eli!

Eli is the son of my friends Annie and Jeremy. I did some maternity photos of Annie before Eli first graced this world with his presence, but I had only gotten to see the baby in passing before  the day of his birthday party. Boy, had I been missing out! I immediately cottoned to this little one. I always enjoy a baby who’ll let me tote ’em around 🙂

The house was decked OUT in all things Disney and Mickey Mouse! Including Eli himself!

Eli and his buddy Ethan

Couldn’t resist a couple of extra pictures of  Ethan, too!

There were plenty of friends and family on hand for Eli to visit with during his party

Time for the smash cake!

Eli really wasn’t too on board with this whole “smush cake around with your hands and shove it in your mouth” scenario…

They brought in Ethan to see if he could help pique Eli’s interest in the cake.

Spoiler: It didn’t really work 🙂 So it was time for presents!

It’s little wonder than Eli was so tuckered out that he ended the party asleep in his grandmother’s arms…

New digs!!!!

Not new digs, per se, but a new layout.

I spent a number of hours yesterday morning, live chatting with tech support at my web host. I don’t want to bog things down with boring details or IT jargon (mostly because I don’t really understand these things myself!) but….it turns out that the WordPress theme I’d been using for the past four years had left me vulnerable to some sort of hacking. I was ordered by the tech support guru to delete everything associated with my old blog theme and choose a new one. *sobbing* But I spent so much time over the years choosing photos for and lovingly creating nearly 90 custom banners for that theme!!!!

So many custom banners…Death Cab for Cutie banner, I’ll miss you! 

But I decided to take this as a good opportunity to change up the look of the blog a bit.  After all, I’ve been the queen of looking for silver linings for YEARS before there was an oscar-winning  movie made about them 🙂 Hacked WordPress theme? That means you get to pick a new one that’ll spruce up the place! Silver lining!

I’ve got a number of blogs in the works, so I’ll keep ya’ll posted as I get those up here!

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One of my photos used to advertise an event Ducks Unlimited is doing with the Memphis Redbirds baseball team in August!