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Friday Night Bake Shop Vibes

Cinematic vibes at Muddy’s Bake Shop on a Friday night…

Samsung NX300 • Samsung NX 30mm f/2 pancake lens

{Behind the Scenes} Muddy’s Holiday 2015 Shoot

I had a photo shoot with Muddy’s Bake Shop this week for a very special upcoming project. I don’t want to give spoilers of the awesome work we did with art director Michelle Simkin, but right now, I am excited to share these behind the scenes shots with you!

(I am a bit obsessed with the Sparkle Disco Butter Cookies!)

(lighting in those last several shots was done by Kip Gordon)

(For my peeps who know I like to post about new camera gear I’m using, these were all taken with my new Samsung mirrorless camera, the NX300, and Samsung NX 30mm f/2 lens – I keep trying to save up shots taken with that combo of gear to make a proper review post, but I’ve been able to do some photos with it that I’ve liked so much that I’ve found myself incapable of waiting to post them!)

As Seen On: Muddy’s Memphis

I’ve been doing product photography for Muddy’s for quite some time now. It’s been such a thrill to see my work on their website, because their goodies are so gorgeous! But, with the addition of the Grind House to the Muddy’s family, they’ve got some new things going on over there. There’s an umbrella site now, Muddy’s Memphis, where you can navigate to different branches of the Muddy’s family tree. I was delighted to see the rotation of my photos in the slight redesign of their sites. Truly proud! I couldn’t help but take some screenshots to show you all…

(click on each image to make it bigger – they look so pretty!)

Wide Angle Cuteness

I had a quick photo shoot at Muddy’s near the end of May, in the brief period of time between getting back from England and starting a month of almost non-stop wedding and event shoots. I had my Nikon N80 and Sigma 24mm/2.8 in my camera bag, so I shot with it alongside the digital photos I was “officially” taking at the bakery that day.


A cake stand in the party supplies section that I’m kind of obsessed with

Product photography shoot, in progress

I loved the motion blur in some of these. Frenetic! I’ll explain what was going on here some other time, maybe.

I need to ask Kat’s mom if this is how Kat looked when she was eating cake as a little girl. Probably so.

Nikon N80 •  Sigma Super Wide II 24mm/2.8 • Lomography CN 400 film


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