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{Game Night}

Pentax ZX-7 • Kodak BW400CN 

{Just Married} Emily + Ethan: The Bonus Photos

Whenever I’m hired to photograph a wedding, I always try to shoot some film alongside my primary digital camera. For Emily and Ethan’s wedding in May, I chose to use my Pentax ZX-7 loaded with my fave black and white film. Today I’m finally able to share those bonus shots from the Ashbys’ wedding day!

Pentax ZX-7 • Kodak BW400CN  • Como, Mississippi


Last year, I picked up a Pentax 35mm SLR and posted about it on Shoot With Personality. While I have posted a few blogs featuring photos taken with my ZX-7,  I still haven’t  used that camera quite as much as I should have. I felt I needed to correct this, so I decided to be very intentional about putting some film through the Pentax. I took it a step further by committing myself to shooting at least one entire roll of film exclusively in panoramic mode. Which is to say, some cameras have a switch which will mask off the top and bottom of the film plane to give a panoramic look. My Pentax is one such camera! I’d never used this feature on my ZX-7, and I thought it was time to shake things up! So I outfitted this camera with the 18-55mm lens from my Pentax dSLR, for the widest possible angle of view (and circular vignetting) on these panoramic photos. Here are a few of them (including some from the New Year’s Eve party I attended and shot all in panorama!)

(these look better bigger – so you can click each image to view a larger version of it)

My sister’s living room at Christmas

Nala, my brother’s very sweet Pit Bull

New shoes, I

New shoes, II

John and Hayley on New Year’s Eve

Jason, looking triumphant on New Year’s Eve

Arm-length self-portraits are usually the only photographic evidence of my attendance to any sort of event where I’m doing most of the photography

Bottoms up on New Year’s Eve (look at Matt go with that sparkling juice!)

Skateboarding right into 2013

Smiley New Year

Happy 2013, everybody!

See, wasn’t that a bit of fun?? Think I might have to purpose myself to taking panoramic photos more often!

 Pentax ZX-7 • Pentax SMC P-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL II lens • black and white : Kodak BW400CN • Color: Kodak Gold 200

Amanda STILL Loves…

Once upon a time, I had a photo-a-day blog called The “Amanda Loves” Project. I left that project sort of open-ended, bringing it to a halt at “Day 364/365.” I didn’t like the idea of that blog that was so full of self-indulgence positivity coming to an end. I may have put that project on hold for the time being, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still have the desire to publicly gush over people and things I love!

I made photographs of some items which I’d acquired in the past month, and it reminded me of the good ole “Amanda Loves” Project. If those photos had been posted on that blog, the posts would looks a little something like this:

  • I love my “new-to-me” Polaroid Sun 660 camera!

When I began using my Polaroid SX-70 camera again (thanks to the brilliant work being done by the Impossible Project), I also began to wish I had a camera that took TIP’s 600-series films. What I really want is a Polaroid 680, because it’s so much like my beloved SX-70. What I can afford at the moment is a Sun 660. I wanted Sonar auto focus, because the SX-70 and 680 and Spectra series cameras have that, and the Sun 660 met that requirement. I wanted the ability to stop the built-in flash from firing. The Sun 660 had that covered.

I bought this camera from eBay, from a seller in Canada. I consider myself a pretty patient person. Except, that is, when I’m waiting on a package to arrive in the mail. I didn’t know what to expect when receiving a parcel from Canada, so I was on pins and needles until the Sun 660’s arrival. It seemed to be taking for-ev-errrrrrrr. In fact, I was certain the camera had come to the US and been sent back to Canada, because I wasn’t familiar with that country’s online package tracking methods. Just when I’d given up hope, my postal carrier left a box on my porch! I was delighted! The camera was in good nick and good working order. I’m looking forward to the Sun 660 becoming a regular part of my “arsenal”!

In working order, indeed!


  • I love my new purse camera bag!

Confession: I hate most camera bags I’ve used. I usually end up casting them aside and throwing my cameras in my purse instead. That’s probably why I often look at purses and think, “Hey, that could be a camera bag!” I was at a thrift store and saw this bag hanging up in the “boutique” area of the store. I actually hoped it was a camera bag with a camera in it. Perhaps that Polaroid 680 I dream of finding at a thrift shop? No, that was not the case. I asked the store clerk if I could see the bag, and I found that it is supposedly an Etienne Aigner. Could be a knock-off for all I know. What I did know was that it was a pretty nice purse, had various pockets inside which I thought might hold compact cameras and film ,and had that front pouch that might come in handy – all that, and it was only $15. I thought, “I’d pay $15 for a purse at Target, and this is definitely a step above that!” I bought it. Obviously.

My instinct that I would be able to turn this into a bag for carrying little cameras around was correct. As evidenced by the photo below, it definitely fit my Olympus XA, my compact digital camera, and some film very comfortably.  As evidenced by the photo above, it even holds my non-Sonar Polaroid SX-70 (and looks quite fetching as it does so!)

Now  I have visions of myself walking around London (a girl can, dream can’t she?) wearing this camera bag crossbody-style strolling around the city, taking photographs at my leisure. Maybe this will be the year I make my triumphant return visit to England…

  • I love this vintage tin!

I have too much “stuff” – far too much to fill that little apartment in Memphis I used to have. Most of it is in storage now, so I’m trying really hard not to buy any more knick knacks. I found that my resolve weakened when I saw this tin at a “junk store” in my town. Believe me. Finding something this charming was like finding a needle in a haystack in that place….

My eyes fixed upon this charming tin, and I became even more taken with it when I turned it over and found that it was imprinted with the words “Coffret importé de Belgique.” I assumed that meant it was made in Belgium. Oh,so this tin is super cute AND it’s from Europe? Sold! Now, I know I just told you that I have too much stuff as it is, so I promise that I will take one item which is already in my collection of knick knacks, and donate to a thrift store in order to redress the balance. 😉

Items photographed with my Pentax ZX-7 and Pentax SMCP-FA 50mm f/1.4 lens!

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