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{Diana + Tri-X} 2.0

I couldn’t resist loading the Diana up with Tri-X again, after the results of the last roll. I also wanted to practice doing more pinhole photos, since I really want to get a certain 3D printed pinhole camera this year.

Como, Mississippi

Pre-zoo Pei Wei

Double exposure at the Memphis Zoo’s new Zambizi River Hippo Cam

Pinhole exposure, 6 seconds while taking a snack break at the zoo

FOUR HOUR pinhole exposure!

Pinhole exposure, 10 minutes

Variation of a shot I tried on Instax for my daily photo project

Double exposure in Como, Mississippi

Coin laundry in Como, Mississippi

 I was worried about this roll, because when I opened the back to take the film out, the roll was “fat.” Meaning it wasn’t tightly wound onto its take-up spool, and the top and bottom of the film would probably be fogged by light. When that happens, I try to get the film into a light-tight place until I can get home, where I can go into completely dark room (usually the closet) and re-roll the film more tightly onto the spool. I don’t know if this “fat roll” of Tri-X wasn’t problematic because I had unloaded the film in light that was subdued, or if you just can’t tell it’s fogged because it’s black and white film, but I was so happy when I got my scans back and the shots weren’t ruined!

{Diana + Tri-X}

Kodak Tri-X is my favorite Kodak black and white film. It’s the only black and white film that I’ve shot in my Diana F+ thus far, and I have found that it’s a really nice pairing of camera and film. I can’t really qualify that statement, except to say I just feel like Tri-X has the right amount of grain and contrast for use in this plastic camera! Kind of like how sometimes you can’t put your finger on why you like a particular piece of art, you just know you do like it 🙂

Here are photos taken with my most recent use of the Diana F+ and Tri-X together. I am rather pleased!

Como, Mississippi

Pinhole exposure of a few hours

Hernando, Mississippi

Mallory’s new apartment, Memphis

Mallory’s new apartment, Memphis

Coldwater, Mississippi

Coldwater, Mississippi

Coldwater, Mississippi

Coldwater, Mississippi

Coldwater, Mississippi

Lomography Diana F+ • Kodak Tri-X

“We Can Pinhole That”

I have mentioned in the past that I don’t have a lot of experience with pinhole photography, but I try to do a pinhole exposure on each roll I shoot with one of my Diana F+ cameras (they have a built in pinhole.) My pinhole photography friends post photos to Instagram with the tag #wecanpinholethat, usually of their camera set-up while they are making their exposure (holla, Moni!) I did the same when I made my most recent pinhole exposures, posting the photos to Instagram. I thought I’d bring those photos over here and show them along with the actual photo I made with the Diana F+. As usual, I metered using a handheld meter, then used Mr. Pinhole to find the right exposure time.

Pinholing, in progress:

Resulting pinhole photo:

Exposure time, approximately 22 seconds

Pinholing in progress:

Resulting pinhole photo:

Exposure time, approximately 1 hour 50 minutes

Diana F+ Kodak Pro 400MC, expired in 1996

I have been surprised at my good luck at getting good pinhole shots with my Diana. I’ll have to start doing more of them, maybe even an entire roll of pinhole photos one day!

Diana F+ Black Jack {Two Rolls In}

Subtitled: “The Dog Ate My Homework”

If you’re just now joining us, my history with Lomography’s Diana cameras goes like this: I bought a Diana F+ a couple of years ago. I didn’t get along with it, so I sold it after a handful of rolls. I decided to buy a Diana+ the next year because I found one for a very small price. I thought I might want another F+ because I had light leak issues with my Diana+. I found a new-in-box F+ on ebay for about $60 less than it retailed and very happily bought it. I was excited to have the new camera, especially since it came with a flash (my two previous Dianas did not.) Excited, that is, until I got home from work the day the Diana F+ was delivered. My sister’s dog is a bit of a chewer. He got he box containing the new camera and went to town on it.

Bummer, right?

While the whole point of this new camera was the possibility that I wouldn’t have to tape the whole thing up to keep light out, I decided I would just tape up all the holes and give it a try anyway. Here’s how that went…

Roll #1 was expired Fuji Provia 400, cross-processed

Pinhole exposure

This is my newly-adopted cat, Sonja. My first time using the flash for this camera.  I don’t know what the bright orb in the photo is about. Freaky, huh?

This is actually an (intentional) double exposure. You can only faintly see the first exposure on this frame of film.

Another intentional double exposure

The remainder of the photos from this roll were taken in Holly Springs, Mississippi, where I’ve done some mini photo excursions lately.

Truck advertising for the auction of Graceland Too.

County courthouse on the town square at Holly Springs

Roll #2 was (fresh!) Kodak Tri-X

Photos taken in February during the ice and snow days, on and around the property where we live


Since I have written my conclusions about the Diana+/F+ in previous blog posts, there isn’t much to conclude here. Except that I will maybe admit that I think I am getting a little better at using the Diana, and I can even appreciate it for what it is (I know which camera to pick up if I want strong vignetting, now don’t I? 🙂 )

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