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{Instant Food Photography} Homemade Treats

Some things I recently baked and photographed on Impossible Project film…

Perfect snack, imperfect photo
(vegan mini blueberry strawberry pie + French press coffee)

Happy Birthday Coty
(mini red velvet cake+ cream cheese icing)

Afternoon serenity
(vegan blueberry crumb cake + green tea) 

Polaroid Spectra 1200si + close-up lens • Impossible Project PZ 680 Color Protection film

{Instant Wedding} Susan and Scott

Today I’d like to present a few instant snaps from Susan and Scott’s wedding!

The sanctuary at Grace St.-Luke’s

Susan and Scott

Susan, Shannon, and Sarah Grace 

Steps leading up to the balcony, where Susan, Scott, and the girls waited before the service

Cutting the cake

Excitement over the (very delicious) wedding cake! 

Polaroid Spectra 1200si • Impossible Project PZ680 Color Protection film 

Consider this just a sneak peek into Susan and Scott’s wedding day. The ceremony took place at the gorgeous Grace-St. Luke’s in Memphis, and I’m super excited to share more with you very soon!

{‘Roid Week 2013} Bonus Day: The Island of Misfit ‘Roids

When I decided that ‘Roid Week 2013 was the ideal opportunity share my backlog of instant photos, I tried to be selective about the photos I’d showcase. Some of them were tossed aside because the focus/exposure wasn’t right, others simply didn’t “do it” for me.  But I’ve found that sometimes when I’m not crazy about a particular photo, it is still worth sharing because someone else might find the photo to be of some interest. Meaning some photos that make me say “meh!” may make someone else say “yeah!” In that spirit here are the photos that didn’t make the cut for my ‘Roid Week 2013 selections: 

“Instant photos of my niece, some more successful than others” • Polaroid 250 • Fuji FP-100C

“My brother’s pit bull, Nala, lounging on the porch”  Polaroid 250 Fuji FP-100C

“My fave shoes, but this photo makes my lap look voluminous” • Polaroid 250 • Fuji FP-100C

Failed attempt to photograph a beautiful, giant bowl of cream cheese icing”
Minolta Instant Pro close-up lens   PZ 680 Color Protection

“Blue Ribbon on the Post Office door” • Polaroid 250 Fuji FP-100C

“Summer Refreshment” • Polaroid Spectra 1200si • Close-up lens •  PZ 680 Color Protection

{‘Roid Week 2013} Diana-Diana

(click the photo to view it at a larger size – it’s better BIGGER!)

The night before I sold my Diana F+, I told my niece that I needed her for a photo and had her come outside. She quite cheerfully obliged, and I handed her the Diana. I’d already set my Polaroid Spectra 1200si up on a tripod with my Minolta Instant Pro’s close-up lens attached. I asked my niece to put the Diana camera up to her eye then had her stand to the side and photographed her casually holding the camera- my little model performed perfectly! I just thought the Diana was too cool looking to not utilize as a prop in a photo. And I have to say that between how well I like the resulting photos and my sentimental attachment to the model in the photos, these two are among my most favorite Impossible Project photos I’ve ever taken.


Polaroid Spectra 1200si  • Impossible Project PZ680 Color Protection
Minolta Instant Pro close-up attachment used on the left photo