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{Birthday Week 2016} Revisited

These are some photos that I initially didn’t think would make a good blog post, maybe because they’re even more “personal” than my usual posts. I did post a few on Flickr, but after letting them sit since last year, I have now decided to share them.

My sister, my sister-in-law, and I have birthdays that fall within the same seven day period. I  have been trying to be intentional about shooting film during specific times such as our birthday week, so I loaded my Fujica ST605N and kept it with me throughout the week.

Before going to the tattoo shop for my mom, we stopped at Pei Wei and I had a tofu, veggies, and rice bowl at Pei Wei

Tattoo #3 for mom

Little notebook I bought to use in England the next month 

A mug my sister got me for my birthday

Union Jack sneakers my sister also got me for my birthday

On my sister-in-law’s birthday, my mom took my brother this hat and made me photograph him in it (like he was a mountain man 🙂 )

My mom and sister-in-law on her birthday (my sister-in-law’s, that is!)

Flower my sister-in-law gave me on her birthday


Using the vintage Pyrex bowl my sister gave me to store icing tips

Mom’s new tattoo, about a week into its healing process

Birthday pressies from New York

The many Instax photos I took during birthday week

The most of the Instax mini photos that week went onto my daily photo project blog, but I’ll share them here too:

The Fujica which shot the other photos in this post

First time at Bass Pro in the Pyramid in Memphis

Another photo from mom’s tattoo session

My actual birthday: lunch at Pyro’s Pizza

Birthday selfie, taken the evening of my birthday

A beautiful vintage Pyrex bowl my sister gave me that week <3

The mini vegan chocolate cake I made my sister-in-law for her birthday
(click here to see a better photo of it, as well as a photo of her eating it 🙂 )

We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant for my sister’s birthday. There was still a Christmas wreath over the door, even though it was August!

Oh and fe bonus photos taken with a different camera, my Ricoh FF-1 😀 :

More from my first time at Bass Pro in the Pyramid

Huddle House with mom, in Batesville, Mississippi


Photos taken with a Fujica ST605N and Agfa Vista 200, Fuji Instax Mini 90 and Fuji Instax Mini film, and Ricoh FF-1 and expired Fuji Superia 400 

{Just Married} Alison + Josh

This wedding was a little extra special for me, because the bride was my cousin Alison!

Bridal portraits of Alison before the wedding

The wedding cake was BEAUTIFUL. And actually probably the tastiest wedding cake I’ve ever had.

Groom’s cake – Josh is something of an outdoorsman – to put it mildly! And Alison was his “catch of a lifetime.”

Alison’s friend made this keepsake for the newlyweds, in lieu of a guest book. The guests put their thumbprints and signed their names on the branches.

Alison’s son Caleb was the ring bearer

Alison lost her father in 2008, so her older son James walked her down the aisle. It was the CUTEST thing. The minister asked who gave Alison away for marriage, and James said, “My brother and I do.”

Kristi, Alison’s life-long best friend came up from Texas to be a bridesmaid (and to do Alison’s hair and make-up!)Josh’s momAlison, Josh, and the boys did something called a “sand ceremony” to symbolize the blending of their new family.

So cute. Caleb was hanging onto every word during the ceremony.

Alison’s mom (my Aunt Esther)

The kiss!

Starting their new life together, hand in hand

I wonder if Josh was changing his Facebook relationship status to “married” as soon as the ceremony was over?

Amelia, the flower girl. Daughter of Alison’s sister Cheree (also known as Cheree’s “mini me” – they’re identical!)

Alison and Josh with their mothers

Josh’s step-dad was being a bit of a cutup, as you can see

Josh and Alison’s entrance into the reception as Mr. and Mrs. Wilson

“W”  for “Wilson”

The “guest book,” with the branches all filled up
Josh and the groomsmen #TOUGH


Alison’s bridesmaids were Krisit, Samantha, and her sister Cheree

We obviously ended up doing a lot of goofing off while doing wedding party portraits. It had to be done.

On a personal note:

I don’t know why it didn’t really hit me until after the fact, but I was editing photos and was suddenly struck by how cool it was that I was taking photos at Alison’s wedding. She and her family lived in Texas when we were growing up, so Alison, Cheree, and I wrote so many letters back and forth to keep in touch. Yes, these were the days before email or text messages. If we were REALLY lucky, our parents allowed us to make long distance phone calls to each other every once in awhile. They’d come up from Texas during some holidays and school breaks, so we only got to see each other a few times a year. Back then, it never even occurred to me that I’d one day be photographing my cousin’s wedding day. And it was so cool that I did. I wish Alison, Josh, James, and Caleb so much happiness as they begin their lives together as a little family!

Diner Dinner

June 2013 • Bronica ETRSi  •Zenzanon 75mm/2.8 EII • Ilford XP-2 

Summer Break, Day 1

Yashica D TLR • Kodak Ektar Film

My niece really likes it when we spray her hair with wash-out hair coloring. She’s not allowed to do so when school is in session though. I don’t know what the actual dress code at her school says, but I’m going to take a guess that it’s something like:  “Brightly colored streaks in your hair are frowned upon in this establishment!”

Because of her school’s dress code, we try to make sure we color her hair as much as possible when she’s got a break from school.  I gave AM some cans of hair color this Spring and promised we’d start using them as soon school dismissed for summer.  I went to Mississippi so she and I could spend her first day of Summer Break together, and it happened to coincide with a little picnic her art teacher was having for AM and the other people in her private art class. AM was extra keen to have some bright color in her hair for this picnic. You know, like an artistic touch to her hairstyle in honor of her art class picnic. I just took her “little braid” and sprayed it neon green. We were pretty happy with the results.  At the class picnic, the art teacher grinned nervously and said “That’s really unusual…

And we don’t mind that reaction at all, because AM not expressing her own sense of style is frowned upon in this establishment…

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