There was nothing for breakfast, and I was in a real jam…

You like my awesome pun I made in the blog title? I woke up yesterday to find that there was no cereal or other breakfast-appropriate food in my apartment. Rather than despair over this fact, I decided that when life hands you nothing for breakfast, you should make biscuits.

(Pentax K20D. Smc Pentax-a 50mm/2)

I have a dizzying array of photos and blogs that I am working¬† on for Shoot With Personality.¬† Tales of mystery and intrigue and magnicent adventures in the world of photography. Not really. I did attend Cooper-Young Fest recently and did some street-style photography, did a photo shoot for a musician I know, and I also acquired a “new to me” Polaroid-style instant camera, so blogs about those things (and more) are in the works.

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