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I added some new photos to the Shoot With Personality Galleries this week.

*art photography

* weddings


Don’t forget to check out the Weiss Family photos from their show in Memphis last week if you haven’t done so already.

And because I don’t like the way blog entries look if they don’t have a photo somewhere in them, here is a picture of my niece. Dressed as an American Indian during a trip we made to Jerry’s Sno Cones last month.

Yashica D TLR * cross-processed, 10 year old Fuji Velvia

(Yashica D TLR * cross-processed, 10 year old Fuji Velvia film)

Cheerio! I have been baking again recently, so expect some titillating food photography to be posted here soon.

I am bad at blogging (and a primer in Amanda-style band photography)

Look how bad at keeping this photographic blog I have been! Working 40 hours a week in a photography job that doesn’t yield photos I can post here has NOT be conducive to being a good blogger. I have some ideas on keeping this thing funky fresh though. Keep your eyes peeled.

The only thing I have to offer you right now is a gallery of photos I took at a show this past week. It was the Weiss Family (mewithoutYou-ish) at The Hi-Tone here in Memphis. The Psalters and Damien Jurado also played this gig, but, I was unfortunately tied up photographing rising high school seniors, and missed everyone but the Weiss Family. Seeing this band play and getting that sense of community that often accompanies mewithoutYou shows infused enough joy and happiness into my soul to keep me smiling for days.

The Weiss Family (mewithoutYou). August 20, 2009 @ The Hi-Tone. Memphis, TN.

I haven’t really talked about my band photography on this blog as of yet. I have been doing it for 9 years (wowzers) but have shifted my focus to other photographic ventures as of late. If you see me out taking photos at a show these days, it is an indication that bands or people there mean something to me. You better BELIEVE that is why I photographed this Weiss Family show.
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