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“Mama this is Happy Halloween, to you…”

Happy Halloween from Shoot With Personality!

I honestly cannot hear the phrase “Happy Halloween” without hearing “Mama this is Happy Halloween, to you” to the tune of “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground. Thank you, Jimmy Fallon!

Not a blog, just an update

You can find galleries for the following two shows if you click the following links:

Adam and Dave’s Bloodline. Gasoline Heart. Andrew Bryant @ The Hi-Tone. October 22, 2009.

First World @ The Smith7 House. October 24, 2009.

There are some new blogs in the works though. I promise. I sorta have internet at my apartment now, thanks to some unsecured wi-fi network in a nearby home. Wee!

Black and White After Midnight

“I’ve always wanted to take black and white pictures in here”
“Where’s your camera?”
“In my car. And I DO have some black and white film…”
“Well go get it! If it is something you’ve always wanted to do and you’re this close to it, why not do it?”

Nikon FE. 24 hour diner. After David Bazan’s show.

Oh happy day!

It’s a happy day, if for no other reason than I’m logged onto the internet at my apartment. That’s never happened before!

It’s also a happy day because I went to my favorite camera shop and picked up a CD containing scans of several rolls of film. You should understand: seeing scans of photos I’ve taken is like Christmas for me. Every time. Popping the disc into the computer and looking at those images for the first time, well, is just like unwrapping a Christmas pressie. Every time.

What did I receive on this particular Mini Christmas Day?

Among other things, I received photos from when I was with my brother Jonathan last week. He moved to Montana 4 years ago, and I have only seen him twice since. Because I enjoy documenting my friends and family, it was really important to me to get some photos of my brother. I wanted to make sure we’d have something to remember our day by.

I met with Jonathan at Otherlands. He was on the patio, having a smoke.

My bruvva at Otherland’s

Jonathan has two goals when he comes home: 1) Enjoy as much time as he can, with as many friends and loved ones as he can. 2) Eat his way across the Mid-South at all the restaurants that can’t be equaled in Montana. That means my normally health-conscious brother gladly guzzles gallons of sweet tea,  eats his weight in the white cheese dip at Mexican restaurants (who knew THAT’S something he’d have to do without in Montana???), and makes frequent visits to the BBQ restaurants that seem to dot every corner in this city (hey, he’s only home every couple of years. Why not live it up while he is here? And hopefully he’ll never see this blog and find out that I’ve shared with the world his Memphis eating habits.)

Can you tell I had to forced Jonathan to stand here while I took his picture at Tom’s?

I was pretty glad that the BBQ restaurant Jonathan chose that day was photogenic.

I wish I had more photos to show you. Unfortunately, the rest of the day wasn’t quite as photogenic as what you see here. But I don’t think I’ll need photos to remember going on a quest with Jonathan to find something zombie-related, something red, and something green for him to send to a girl back in Montana. Traipsing around Summer Avenue’s fine selection of thrift and antique stores with my brother will remain in my memory forever, even without photos to remind me.

(For those of you who like to know the technical information on my photos, the shots in this blog post were made with my Holga 120N and expired, cross-processed Fuji Velvia.)

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