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New digs!!!!

Not new digs, per se, but a new layout.

I spent a number of hours yesterday morning, live chatting with tech support at my web host. I don’t want to bog things down with boring details or IT jargon (mostly because I don’t really understand these things myself!) but….it turns out that the WordPress theme I’d been using for the past four years had left me vulnerable to some sort of hacking. I was ordered by the tech support guru to delete everything associated with my old blog theme and choose a new one. *sobbing* But I spent so much time over the years choosing photos for and lovingly creating nearly 90 custom banners for that theme!!!!

So many custom banners…Death Cab for Cutie banner, I’ll miss you! 

But I decided to take this as a good opportunity to change up the look of the blog a bit.  After all, I’ve been the queen of looking for silver linings for YEARS before there was an oscar-winning  movie made about them 🙂 Hacked WordPress theme? That means you get to pick a new one that’ll spruce up the place! Silver lining!

I’ve got a number of blogs in the works, so I’ll keep ya’ll posted as I get those up here!


If you were  to say to me, “Hey Amanda. Who’s your favorite band?”, I’d have a few answers for that question (I’m not good at having only one favorite. It’s a blessing and a curse.) My answer would go something like this, “Hey. Good question. My favorite band’s The Beatles. And mewithoutYou. And anything David Bazan does. In no particular order.”  I have already gushed about getting to see mewithoutYou (The Weiss Family) again back in August. And here we are, not even two months later, and I’ve just been able to see David Bazan. This made me so stinking happy. So, so happy.

Bazan could’ve played anything from any album and I’d have been stoked, because I don’t know if there’s a song on any of his records that I DON’T like. But I was pleased with the mixture of songs he did. A lot of the new album. Some from the EP. And some from his work with Pedro the Lion. I was quite pleased.

It’s nice when something you’ve so looked forward to meets and even exceeds your expectations. Thank you, Mr. Bazan.

(Pssssst. More photos from this show are HERE)

There was nothing for breakfast, and I was in a real jam…

You like my awesome pun I made in the blog title? I woke up yesterday to find that there was no cereal or other breakfast-appropriate food in my apartment. Rather than despair over this fact, I decided that when life hands you nothing for breakfast, you should make biscuits.

(Pentax K20D. Smc Pentax-a 50mm/2)

I have a dizzying array of photos and blogs that I am working  on for Shoot With Personality.  Tales of mystery and intrigue and magnicent adventures in the world of photography. Not really. I did attend Cooper-Young Fest recently and did some street-style photography, did a photo shoot for a musician I know, and I also acquired a “new to me” Polaroid-style instant camera, so blogs about those things (and more) are in the works.

Current Updates


I added some new photos to the Shoot With Personality Galleries this week.

*art photography

* weddings


Don’t forget to check out the Weiss Family photos from their show in Memphis last week if you haven’t done so already.

And because I don’t like the way blog entries look if they don’t have a photo somewhere in them, here is a picture of my niece. Dressed as an American Indian during a trip we made to Jerry’s Sno Cones last month.

Yashica D TLR * cross-processed, 10 year old Fuji Velvia

(Yashica D TLR * cross-processed, 10 year old Fuji Velvia film)

Cheerio! I have been baking again recently, so expect some titillating food photography to be posted here soon.

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