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“Shot of the Day”

I wish I could be one of those photographers/bloggers who could keep up a “Shot of the day” routine on my blog (a la the Shot of the Day pool over at Flickr.) Or that I could commit to a 365 project. However, I feel I don’t have the wherewithal to do something like that right now. Aka: It would probably just result in EPIC FAILURE if committed to doing a “photo of the day” project on my blog.*

I have been taking a lot of photos the past few days with my digital camera -which is entirely unlike me. I am an “analog photography for LYFE” sort of girl. But I have been enamored with the lens I bought for my Pentax digital camera this week, because it gives me such yummy shallow depth of field. Having taken so many photos with the instant gratification of digital photography this week, it gives me the false sense that I COULD commit to making a “best photo of the day” blog post every day.

So. Let’s pretend for a minute that I DID have an ongoing “shot of the day” series on Shoot With Personality. If I did, the photo you see below you would be my offering for today.

Morning Afterhought

I feel bad for using technical terms about photography on my blog sometimes, because it might not be lingo that is well-known to those who see my blog who AREN’T photo enthusiasts. I talked about depth of field earlier in this post. I will use the above photo to explain depth of field. Depth of field (or Dof) is how much or how little is in focus in a photo. For instance, see how only a very small segment of the coffee mug’s handle is in proper focus, and the rest of the photo is sort of blurred? That is because the Dof is very shallow – very small – in this photo. The in-focus portion of the photo is quite slim. I won’t go into what I did to achieve shallow depth of field for this photo – another lesson for another day. But I thought this might be a good “teaching moment” for Shoot With Personality readers (or a good “this is what the heck I am talking about when I used that photographic term” moment.)

I quite like the idea of taking a photo each day (or many) and choosing which one I like best – it can help a photographer keep her skills sharpened. If I ever DO decide that is something I can do, you Shoot With Personality blog readers will be the FIRST to know about it.

*Perhaps if I become independently wealthy one day, I will have so much free time on my hands that I couldĀ  do a project of that sort?