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Konica Big Mini {Unintentional Series}

I’ve been going through one of those spells where it feels as if all I do is go to work and run errands for work*. I think a lot of people who enjoy photography get into ruts like this from time to time. Besides my freelance photography work, I work part time with my family’s catering company. So my version of the “all I do is go to work” rut is going shopping for food and supplies, doing food prep, and doing food service. I was saying to my mom “I can have a new photo series called ‘Stuff I see in Sam’s parking lot,” because it felt like all the photography I was doing occurred in the parking lot of the Sam’s Club where we do shopping for the catering company.

I’d been carrying the Konica Big Mini in my purse for awhile so as to always have a camera on hand if a photographic opportunity presented itself. Here are the results of having that camera with me for these impromptu “Kodak Moments.”

REALLY awesome Ford Falcon station wagon in Sam’s Club parking lot. I want one!

Cigarette butt and a fallen leaf, rainy day

This may have been at Wal-Mart parking lot, as we sometimes have to shop there too. There were several discarded chicken bones on the ground. Clearly the person had bought the fried chicken in Wal-Mart, eaten it in their car, and then thrown the bones out. No judgement though…

Another day, another vintage car in Sam’s parking lot. This time, a Mustang (and with a doggy in the window!)

The other side to my “stuff I see at work” is that we have a catering gig at an auto auction. I’ve featured motorcycles I’ve photographed there in the past. This white Star motorcycle was GORGEOUS. A true piece of art.

Konica Big Mini • Kodak Gold 200

Technical information: This was also a continued testing of the Konica Big Mini. I did a review of it already, but I can say now that I really like this camera! I still think its exposure system requires the use of the +1.5 exposure compensation a little more than I’d like for it to, but I’m very pleased with the results from my most recent roll in the Big Mini. The closest focusing distance really came in handy. Specifically, when I see a cool vintage car in a parking lot, I usually have to just shoot “detail shots” of the car in order to avoid having the more modern cars in the photo (ruining the atmosphere.) Having a camera that would focus down to under 14″ was very helpful for that! 


(*but I’m going somewhere REALLY good soon, so that rut’s about to change!)