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{Inked} 2.0

Last year, I shared photos I’d taken to document the process of my mother getting a tattoo. A year and a half after getting inked for the first time, my little mother decided it was time to get a second tattoo! So once again, we made a trip to No Regrets Tattoo Emporium in Memphis, consulted with Joe Stamp (who’d done her first tattoo,) and made the appointment.

Mom’s first tattoo was a Celtic cross on her wrist. This time, she’d chosen a particular style of a Star of Bethlehem to be placed on top of her forearm. Joe did a wonderful job translating the artwork mom had chosen, and we think the tattoo came out beautifully! I wish I had done a better job documenting our time with Joe doing the tattoo, but maybe I’ll do better next time one  of us goes in for some work 😉 

No Regrets • Fuji GA645i • Kodak Pro 400MC , expired 1996

The finished product, on Easter  (three days after the tattoo was done)

Nikon N80 • Sigma Super Wide II 24mm f/2.8 lens • Kodak High Definition 400, expired 2011


I took these photos in October, to document the day my mother got a tattoo (yes, my MOTHER got a tattoo!) I do share “personal” work all the time on on Shoot With Personality, but I’d held off on posting these photos here until now. I can’t really explain why, except that they felt extra personal. It was a big deal that my mother got a tattoo, it meant a lot to her, and it ended up being a wonderful experience. I finally decided “Why not share some of that on my blog?”

Signing the waiver forms


The needle

She didn’t even flinch

The finished product

Shot on Nikon EM • Kodak BW400CN

(Thanks to Joe Stamp at No Regrets Tattoo Emporium for doing such a great job with this. My mom just loved him!)