Fuji GA645: A Retrospective

I have had a lot of film cameras in my time, because I love film cameras so much! Sometimes, I find that I’m not using a camera often enough to warrant keeping it. That’s what happened to me and my Fuji GA645, which is essentially a big point-and-shoot medium format camera. It was an interesting camera for sure. I had it for a couple of years and decided it had to find a new home where it might get more use. Recently, I began looking back at the photos from the handful of rolls of film I shot with the GA645.  I did use the camera like a giant point-and-shoot at times – especially with shots I grabbed of my (very small back then) niece. As I looked through the photos I’ve included in today’s post, I couldn’t help but wonder if I ever used the GA645 to its fullest potential. So much so that I may have purchased another one this week. (I did.)

Please enjoy this GA645 retrospective with me. Most of these were taken in 2005. The last few are from 2007.

I self-developed  and scanned all the black and white photos. I wish I would have been shooting more color medium format film during the time when I owned the GA645!  I just didn’t have good access to film developing for medium format film back then. I do now though!

If all goes well with the “new” one I’ve got on the way to me now, I’ll make a more extensive post, detailing the camera’s features.

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