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{Something’s Brewing} Muddy’s Grind House

I’m SO excited!

There’s been one burning question Memphians have been asking for years: “Will there be a second location of Muddy’s?” That question has finally been answered, in the form of a Muddy’s spin-off shop: Muddy’s Grind House! A coffee shop!

I was asked to do some product photography and photos of the shop, which has been in its soft opening stage. The Grind House is located in the Cooper-Young neighborhood of Midtown Memphis.  They carry a small selection of items from Muddy’s, such as cupcakes and pie, but they have new goodies just for the coffee shop: coffee cakes, biscuits, scones, and more. It’s wonderful!

I’m just going to give you a few sneak peek photos from the day of this shoot- you can already see some more of them on the Muddy’s Grind House website!

P.S. I tried all the baked goods you see in the photos – I’m still dreaming of those coffee cakes 🙂

{Side Story} Wedding Photography

These are a bit overdue, as I’d meant to show these photos from Kat and Thomas’s wedding reception back when I made the original blog posts. I told Kat that I’d have to make a separate post just for these photos, because they cracked me up so much.

Let me set the scene for you:

I was at Kat and Thomas’s reception, documenting as much of its awesomeness as possible. Their little niece, E, approached me, wanting to me to take photos of her throwing flower petals in the air. She’d gone around and collected flower petals that’d fallen off people’s boutonnières and floral arrangements.

So she stood in front of me, and I’d count down “1, 2, 3!” so she’d know when to jump and throw the petals in the air (with much gusto!) I’d show her the photo on the back of the camera, and if  E wasn’t pleased with how well she could see the petals as they were mid-air, she’d pick them back up off the floor and repeat the process. It was amazing, because she initiated, orchestrated, and creatively directed her own little photo shoot, right there in the middle of her aunt and uncle’s wedding reception! It wasn’t long before her brother started trying to photo bomb the whole thing. Their cousin kept trying to pull him out of the way so E’s photos wouldn’t be ruined. Hijinks galore!

In the end, we did get a couple of photos that E felt satisfied with, plus ones where her brother was being a real pill!