{Instant Party} Happy Birthday Shiv!

I’ve got a huge amount of photos on their way, after I covered three birthday events for one special little boy last month. In the meantime, I can share the instant photos I took at those events. Rather than my usual combination of Polaroid cameras and Impossible Project films, I opted for my Fuji Instax 200 and Instax wide film for Shiv’s parties. There was a mundan ceremony Saturday morning, a BBQ Saturday night, and a brunch Sunday morning.  It was so fun being there for all of it! Here is a sampling of instant photos from those celebrations.

The man of the hour, Shiv, is the little one dressed in white there on the right

Shiv: future baby Gap model

Fuji Instax 200 • Fuji Instax Wide film

These photos barely scratch the surface of all the photos I have to share with you from Shiv’s birthday festivities. More to come, very soon!

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