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{Pretty in Pink}

Who would have ever thought that I’d like pink film?

When The Impossible Project announced their special edition magentatype film, I didn’t think I’d have any interest in it. This was actually their second special edition film that was a colored monochrome; Impossible Project did a cyanotype film prior to releasing magentatype. Even though I wasn’t that interested in this pink film, magentatype happened to be on sale when I was making an order of some other IP films. I decided I might as well throw a pack of it into my shopping cart!

I’d bought this order of film as a birthday present to myself, so I actually planned ahead of time how I’d use the magentatype film.  My sister and I have birthdays that are exactly seven days apart. That means we usually have some joint birthday outing (or two) during our birthday week. This year, it just so happened that The Princess Bride would be showing at The Orpheum in Memphis in the middle of birthday week. Perfect! Once we’d planned to see that movie, I knew going downtown to that beautiful theatre would be a great way to spend my special pack of film. (It was!)

I even watched the film Pretty in Pink that day at home in preparation for using the magentatype film for this series of photos, because I knew I’d name the series “Pretty in Pink.”

Team Ducky. Forever.

Testing 1-2-3…my test shot in my sister’s office at work

Dinner time in Midtown MemphisThe ghost of Elvis(My favorite place in Memphis)The prettiest in pink (though she’d never wear pink)Kenny G’s star on The Orpheum’s “Sidewalk of Stars”The grand lobby in the theatre

I will say that the scans of these photos don’t do them justice. Given the hit-or-miss nature of the revived instant film format, I was really happy with how these turned out. They made me “birthday happy” the night I took them. Well, the photos made me”birthday happy” in addition to the fact that we had so much fun seeing The Princess Bride on the big screen in my favorite place in Memphis!

Polaroid SLR 680 SE • Impossible Project Magentatype 600 film
August 1, 2014 Memphis, TN

If you ever get your hands on some magentatype film, it’s a bit worrying initially because the film looks cyan as it’s developing. But never fear! It turned pink once it was finally developed properly!