Wide Angle Cuteness

I had a quick photo shoot at Muddy’s near the end of May, in the brief period of time between getting back from England and starting a month of almost non-stop wedding and event shoots. I had my Nikon N80 and Sigma 24mm/2.8 in my camera bag, so I shot with it alongside the digital photos I was “officially” taking at the bakery that day.


A cake stand in the party supplies section that I’m kind of obsessed with

Product photography shoot, in progress

I loved the motion blur in some of these. Frenetic! I’ll explain what was going on here some other time, maybe.

I need to ask Kat’s mom if this is how Kat looked when she was eating cake as a little girl. Probably so.

Nikon N80 •  Sigma Super Wide II 24mm/2.8 • Lomography CN 400 film


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