{Roid Week 2013} Shredded Glory

Every once in awhile, I nearly get myself into a bit of trouble when carrying out my photographic pursuits. Only once has law enforcement been called in, but that was no big deal and ended well 😉

The photo featured today is of plastic American flags that are strung around a business that’s on a corner in the town where I live. The stripes on the flags are shredded, looking like fringe, thanks to effects of flapping in the wind over time. I had to pass that corner every time I picked my niece up from school and always wanted to stop to take a photo. I do try to keep out of trouble when I go onto private property for photographic purposes, by either asking permission (when possible) for taking photos or by being discreet. For the photo I took of these flags, I went after business hours, drove into the parking lot, took this photo very quickly by leaning out of the rolled down window of the car, and tried to be on my way. But I couldn’t get on my way before having a man who was at a neighboring business approach me. He wore overalls, a trucker hat over his unkempt hair, and spoke with a thick “country”  accent.  He wasn’t confrontational, but I knew when he was asking if I needed help with something and told me he knew the owner of the business that he was trying to suss my motives for taking a photo of something on this property. I just explained, in as chipper a voice as possible, that I didn’t need help with anything because I was just taking a photo of the flag banner. He still gave me a sideways glance and probably took down my license plate number before I drove away. At least he didn’t call in the sheriff though!

Minolta Instant Pro • Impossible Project PZ 680 Color Protection

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