World Toy Camera Day…A Bit Later

For some years now, there has been something called World Toy Camera Day (WTCD.) It’s basically a day when photo enthusiasts go out shooting any subject they like, with any toy/plastic film camera they choose, then post them to blogs/Tumblr/Flickr/wherever. Just for funsies. Despite having an abundance of toy cameras myself, I never remember to participate in WTCD! Okay. I think I did once. Back in 2007.

This year, WTCD fell on October 20. I happened to have had some ooooooold black and white film in my Holga since…last year, and I happened to throw my Holga in my purse that day when I left the house. My brother-in-law, mother, and I were catering a small wedding reception at a historic home in Sardis, Misssissippi called Helfin House. I disappeared from my catering duties for a few minutes so I could snap some photos in honor of World Toy Camera Day. Of course, seeing as I went to England shortly thereafter, I didn’t have a chance to get those photos developed until now. But better late than never, I always say! Maybe I’ll remember to do this again on WTCD 2013. But, ya know, get the photos developed in a more timely manner the next go ’round!

Heflin House

The Wedding Cake (not sure who made it, but it was a caramel cake – very Southern!)


 Holga 120N • Ilford 125 FP4+ (expired 10+years ago)

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