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Just wanted to post a link to photos I took last night at the Hi-Tone! Mostly of EX-CULT, but there’s a handful of messy photos of Ty Segall for you hip kids in the mix too.

EX-CUT. Ty Segall @ The Hi-Tone. January 27, 2013

Hosoi Bros & Tanks {& Polaroids, Too}

How bout some band photos up in here? It’s been awhile!

I went to my friend Alex’s birthday party/show at the Hi-Tone last night. He had a couple of awesome bands play, and it was a lot of fun to hang out and hear some local bands play in honor of Alex. It was especially great because the Hi-Tone will be closing its doors soon. Sad face. I’m glad I got to go back, at least one last time!

 {Click through to photos of Hosoi Bros & Tanks @ The Hi-Tone. January 19, 2013.}

Happy birthday, Alex!





Technical note: Can you believe I took these band pictures with my point-and-shoot digital camera?? I sure didn’t expect that working with the manual controls  would allow me to get some decent band photos outta that thing! And the Polaroids were taken on expired Polaroid 600 film (probably the last original Polaroid film I’ll ever have a chance to shoot) and a Polaroid one600 camera, both of which were gifted to me by my buddy Daniel. 


Last year, I picked up a Pentax 35mm SLR and posted about it on Shoot With Personality. While I have posted a few blogs featuring photos taken with my ZX-7,  I still haven’t  used that camera quite as much as I should have. I felt I needed to correct this, so I decided to be very intentional about putting some film through the Pentax. I took it a step further by committing myself to shooting at least one entire roll of film exclusively in panoramic mode. Which is to say, some cameras have a switch which will mask off the top and bottom of the film plane to give a panoramic look. My Pentax is one such camera! I’d never used this feature on my ZX-7, and I thought it was time to shake things up! So I outfitted this camera with the 18-55mm lens from my Pentax dSLR, for the widest possible angle of view (and circular vignetting) on these panoramic photos. Here are a few of them (including some from the New Year’s Eve party I attended and shot all in panorama!)

(these look better bigger – so you can click each image to view a larger version of it)

My sister’s living room at Christmas

Nala, my brother’s very sweet Pit Bull

New shoes, I

New shoes, II

John and Hayley on New Year’s Eve

Jason, looking triumphant on New Year’s Eve

Arm-length self-portraits are usually the only photographic evidence of my attendance to any sort of event where I’m doing most of the photography

Bottoms up on New Year’s Eve (look at Matt go with that sparkling juice!)

Skateboarding right into 2013

Smiley New Year

Happy 2013, everybody!

See, wasn’t that a bit of fun?? Think I might have to purpose myself to taking panoramic photos more often!

 Pentax ZX-7 • Pentax SMC P-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL II lens • black and white : Kodak BW400CN • Color: Kodak Gold 200

{Just Married} Nathalie + Brandon

Where to begin?!

Firstly, I’ll begin by warning you that there will be about a zillion photos in this post. I just couldn’t help myself from posting lots from this wedding!

After two engagement sessions with Nathalie and Brandon in 2012, I was thrilled to bits to be asked to do their wedding photos. I knew these two would have an AWESOME wedding. I knew Nathalie had a beautiful dress that was just perfect for her. I knew Brandon was completely stoked to be making Nathalie his wife. But I really didn’t realize just how amazing their wedding would be*!

The wedding ceremony took place off the beaten path in Moscow/LaGrange, Tennessee. The date of the wedding was December 1, and it was planned as an outdoor wedding. You never know what weather in the Mid South is going to do, but we were blessed with an incredible day! The sun was out, the sky was clear, and the temperature was very pleasant. Can’t ask for much more than that when you’re getting married outside!

If the weather hadn’t been nice, the ceremony would have been moved into reception hall, which is the pièce de résistance at Pinecrest. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS?!

Speaking of the reception hall, here are some of the details of the reception decor. SO perfect for this bride and groom!

As you’ll see in later photos, succulents were used as centerpieces and in all other aspect of the “wedding flowers” 

Photos I took of Nathalie and Brandon at our two engagement sessions

  Nathalie’s a vegan, so she had Muddy’s make dozens of their vegan cupcakes for the wedding. Doesn’t this set up look incredible?!

 The “cake topper” ! I think the nuzzling owl is a ginger, like Nathalie! 

As I usually do, I arrived on Nathalie and Brandon’s wedding day early enough that I could hang out and take pictures while they were getting ready for the ceremony. Nathalie just had one bridal attendant: her bestie, Lydia. I’ve known Lydia for years, too. So basically, getting ready for the wedding and hanging out all afternoon was just like hanging out with two old friends – because that’s what it was

Dress and shoes!!!

(Hair and make-up by Stephanie Brick of Brickology!)

Nathalie and Brandon were another one of my wedding couples who agreed it would be best if they saw each other pre-ceremony in order to get photos taken care of.  This worked out wonderfully. We actually got 100% of the photo groupings completed prior to the ceremony! That’s a big relief when you’ve got a reception hall full of guests waiting after the ceremony!

Almost time for the cermony…

This was the part where passersby drove by once, then drove by again to tell us that they’d driven past the second time because they wanted to get a second look at Nathalie. Because she looked so good. TRUTH.

Behind the scenes: And this was the part where your humble wedding photographer had the only mode of transport available to the bride to ride from the bridal cabin to the ceremony, so she had to stuff the bride into the passenger’s side of her minivan!

Here comes the bride…

Husband and wife!  Ahhhh! How cute is Nathalie’s expression?!


All-vegan wedding buffet by Fuel Cafe

Toasts from the maid of honor and best man

Brandon and the wedding officiant, our old friend JoelG 

As  I’ve said, I’ve known the Nathalie and Brandon for many years. I even lived in the apartment above their house for a couple of those years! I was truly happy and honored that I was allowed be the photographer for their wedding day. It was a perfect day, and I wish them all the best as they continue their lives together, now as Mr. and Mrs. Pearce.

 *And yes, Nathalie, I really mean that! Not just “things wedding photographers day in blogs” 🙂