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{Quarantimes} Volume Three

More film from 2020 when we weren’t going many places, and it was all to-go coffee, all the time.

God bless the lemongrass tofu from Pho Bihn

Love peeping my mom and niece in this photo of a very of the era coffee shop visit

The plants at City & State all have names

Also very of the era: someone’s face mask on a bush outside a restaurant

It felt weird going to a restaurant, even though we were outside. But Mom loved this place in Oxford, so it was a joy to go with her when we were down that way

Canon T70 50mm f/1.8 lens ⋅ Fuji Superia 400, expired in 2005

{Quarantimes} Volume Two

Another installment of my early pandemic era photos…

These photos at the zoo were actually taken on the Friday before the whole world shut down. I’m including them even if they weren’t taken while we were observing “safer at home” measures, because my family and I look back on this day and realize how eerie everything felt. I’m not trying to be dramatic by saying that! Things were beginning to close in around us, and you could feel it in the atmosphere.

Onto the actual early quarantine pictures!

Several times during those days, we went to a local park to eat outside and get some fresh air. My memories of those meals are mostly of our napkins flying off the tables because it was so windy outside around that time of year!

The next set of photos were taken on Mother’s Day 2020, when we ventured out to the deserted town square in Holly Springs, Mississippi. I will always remember this outing because my mom happened upon a TERRIBLY out of tune piano outside on the sidewalk, and as I always said “She never met a piano she didn’t play.” The piano sounded horrible, but it was still so fun of Mom to do that. I have a video of her playing and singing that day, which I will include at the end of the post. Since Mom passed away, these things mean the world to me and those who love her.

If mom were here, she’d probably fuss at me for posting this picture. But she was trying to take photos of some flowers that day, and I wanted to snap a photo of her!

Canon AE-1 • Agfa Vista 200


I’ve watched this so many time since we lost Mom…