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{‘Roid Week 2013} Bonus Day: The ‘Roids that Time Forgot

My previous ‘Roid Week bonus day blog was filled with photos which I found to be more misses than hits. This bonus day post is made up of photos which I actually liked but never bothered scanning in. Mostly, they were taken last year during a time when I had a lot going on and spent most of my photo-related computer time editing wedding photos. And as scanning prints is not a favorite task of mine, these pictures never made it into digital form so I could post them online.  I’m trying to right that wrong today, by giving them their own bonus day ‘Roid Week 2013 blog!

“The day my Impossible Project Pioneer Card arrived”  Polaroid SX-70 Sonar • PX 70, NIGO edition
(Better BIGGER)

“Tractor and Radio Flyer”  Polaroid SX-70 One-Step “Rainbow” • PX 70 Color Shade Cool
(a camera I only owned two days – bought it at a junk shop & sold it immediately at a profit)

“Tree, looking up” • Polaroid SX-70 • PX 680 Color Shade (old gen) + Neutral density filter

“Cafeteria Jukebox”  Polaroid Sun 660 AF • PX 680 Gold Frame Edition

“Motorcycle in the Lobby”  Sun 660 AF  PX 680 Gold Frame Edition

“Ice cream with strawberries”  Polaroid SLR 680 • PX 680 Gold Frame Edition

“Yashica GT, in my lap” • Polaroid SX-70 Sonar • PX 680 Gold Frame Edition + ND filter


I feel as if I have a clean slate after I’ve gotten my backlog of instant photos posted online during ‘Roid Week 2013! Yay!