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Twelve Forgotten Frames

I dropped a roll of film at MPS some months back, which had been shot through my Holga some months before that. I finally got remembered to swing by MPS to pick up said film today and, frankly, was taken aback at how dated the photos were and how it seemed as if they were taken a lifetime ago.

I really had not a clue in the world as to what the film contained. And it’s interesting to see what I chose to photograph on this roll – medium format, 6×6 cameras only yield twelve frames, and as a result,  I’m usually kinda “choicey”  as to what I shoot. While I don’t consider all of these photos to be “keepers”, I like the idea of looking at these twelve frames of film in a broad sense, rather than “oh, that day that it snowed in Memphis” or “oh, that day a group of us went to Memorial Park.” It’s just pleasant for me to look upon them, as is. I hope you will enjoy them displayed this way, too.