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{64T} GA645i

Last year, I bought a few rolls of Kodak Ektachrome 64T that expired in 1997. It’s a slide film, and the “T” means the film is balanced for tungsten lighting.  I bought the 64T with the express purpose in mind of having it cross-processed. I had only shot one roll of the 64t so far, and it had been in my Yashica-Mat (there are a couple from that same roll in an epilogue-ish post on my Amanda Goes to England blog.) I’d been itching to shoot another roll of this, but,  as I mentioned, this particular 64T expired in 1997. Film can some of its light sensitivity powers as it ages, so I shot this (and the previous roll) at 50 instead of 64. That meant I needed plenty of light to get proper exposures. Which is why I waited around until spring before I gave another roll of 64T a try! This time, though, it HAD to be in my lovely GA645i. HAD to be!

I knew this would be the most perfect cross-processed 64T shot I’d ever taken. And it is.


The rope that’s been photographed on almost every roll I’ve taken this year…

The focus isn’t where I’d intended it to be on this one, but there’s something I love about it anyway.

Wyatt’s haunches

I love the lattice design at the bottom of my sister’s porch

I’ve photographed Wyatt quite a bit lately…

Fuji GA645i • Kodak Ektachrome 64T, expired in 1997, cross-processed, shot at 50 ISO