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{Kit Car} Grainy Mercedes

Do you know what a kit car is?

A person can buy a kit of components and build themselves a replica vintage car. I know that, because my dad was hired to build a kit car for someone when I was a child.

The kit car referenced in today’s post is a Mercedes – apparently a replica of a 1929 Merecdes Gazelle.

Most of the photos of cars/motorcycles that I post on SWP are taken at the auto auction where my family’s catering business provides meals on auction days every week. This Mercedes kit car was parked in the auction sales floor one of the days I was there to do food prep work. We were the only people on the premises, so I was free to photograph the car to my heart’s delight!

Bronica ETRSi • Zenzanon 75mm/2.8 EII • Lomography Lady Grey 400 film

Unfortunately, this was probably the last roll I put through my Bronica before I “accidentally” sold it to Urban (the man from whom I won the Konica Big Mini that I’ve been enjoying this year.) I say “unfortunately,” because I had some of the worst film EVER loaded in it for (what would turn out to be) the last roll I’d shoot with the Bronica. That Chinese-made film repackaged by Lomography left all the polka dots and numbers you see on the pictures.  It’s a fault with the film’s backing paper (or the ink on it, according to some.) And BOY is this film grainy! Resulting in a grainy Mercedes…

{Redux} ’64 Ford

Yashica-Mat • Kodak Ektachrome 64T (tungsten-balanced), expired March 1997 • Cross-processed

The 1964 Ford truck again, taken during the same sunrise as the ones I shared in my recent Kiev 4AM blog post.

I got downright giddy when I saw this truck sitting out on the auction sales floor. Times like these are why I make sure to have a camera with me at all times.