{No Time Like the Present} Sears 35rf, 2019

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I used to have a series called “Forgotten Frames” for when I found a roll of undeveloped film that was old enough for me to have forgotten what was on it. As opposed to the current series of photos from film I just plain didn’t get developed for far too long – the photos should not go under the “forgotten frames” category, but I don’t always remember what was on the film either. The reason I went into that spiel is that I was genuinely a bit perplexed by the photos on this roll. There were a lot of them that I couldn’t remember taking nor did I remember having this camera with me some of the places shown in the pictures. It was only because I knew the last few photos were taken with my Sears 35rf that I was able to identify which camera I’d used for these.

I had the 35rf with me at Low Fi once? I have no memory of this.



I was SERIOUSLY confused by photos of a hotel pool on this roll (I think it was when we went to see Lauren Daigle in concert and stayed in a hotel so we didn’t have to drive back late.)

When did I take this camera to the Memphis Zoo?? Oh, it must have been that day we visited the zoo because our neighborhood had a planned power outage. 

I used this camera at Coffee Central Squared? If you say so!

Using the 35rf at my job to photograph this car does not ring a bell.

The only reason I was able to identify the camera for this roll of film: I remember taking photos of the lights at City and State because I was trying to show my niece how using a rangefinder camera worked.

Speaking of my niece…

Blurry photo of our old family friend Joey doing his job as City & State barista


And more lighting fixture photography: this time at Pyro’s Pizza. The End.

Sears 35rf  • Fujicolor 200

One Thought on “{No Time Like the Present} Sears 35rf, 2019

  1. Veronica Raney on May 23, 2021 at 9:24 pm said:

    So Now Amanda ,
    I really, really,really, love all of these photos,
    I always love our red haired gal photos,
    The unique red car in the auction bay at Adessa. ( we had a little “clout” there )
    And last,but not least, the photo of the African Exhibit. The rondavel at the Zambezi River hippo camp. Looked it up, and it’s “a traditional African dwelling with a thatched roof.” Amazing!
    Thanks photog Amanda. BlackBerry Rose 🌹

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