{2017} Junkyard Film

Things have been kinda quiet on the Shoot with Personality front. A big reason for that is I had secretly done a daily photo project on film back in 2017, and it took quite some time to get all the film developed from that. But since I have finally started publishing those photos on my daily photo blog, now I can start posting more things to Shoot with Personality again!

I pretty much have to get through a backlog of photos from 2017 that either weren’t for the daily photo project or which were b-roll from that project. You will end up seeing some of that here.

Today’s post is a roll that I didn’t shoot for that project. It actually was taken with a Canon Rebel 2000 that a former co-worker of mine found in a car at a junkyard and which he gave to me. There was film in the camera, and I decided I would try to see if it was viable by shooting it. I was fairly sure that the film had expired in 2013, as there was a box of the film in the camera bag with the Rebel 2000 that was stamped with that expiration date. And I knew that the film had very likely been in extreme temperature conditions since it had been in sitting in a car for who knows how long?? So I shot the film at ISO 200 instead of its box speed (400,) and did a lot of double exposures in case the film needed more light to be properly exposed.

Incidentally, I don’t need to do a review of the Canon Rebel 2000 because I already have an homage to the Rebel 2000 I used to have.

Canon Rebel 2000 + 28-80mm kit lens
Fuji Superia 400, expired and exposed to extreme temps

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