{Short and Sweet}

This was a roll that was fraught with problems. Not problems with the film itself, but with the camera. My beloved (and sometimes cantankerous) Kiev 4AM was having some issues with its shutter again while this roll was in it. On various occasions, I had to let part of this roll get fogged by light so I could tinker with the shutter, therefore a lot of the frames of film weren’t usable. However, the images that DID work out are kind of wonderful. The Helios lens for the Kiev is truly a gem!


I think this is the first time I have photographed the often-featured Luv Bots in black and white

Back door view


Stormy day

My niece visiting my mom in the hospital a few months ago

Hospital clock

Kiev 4AM • Helios-103 53mm f/1.8 • Ilford FP4+

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