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{Instant} Family Photography: The Jobe-Shields Family, Christmas 2013

Well this was a treat!

I’ll share more from my baby session/family portrait session with the Jobe-Shields family soon, but here are some of the instant photos I took during my time with that family this week. What’s cool was, Lisa specifically requested Polaroids after seeing the ones I did during my session with the Jacksons last month. I’ve been loving the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph people with an appreciation for instant film photography! For these, I was able to bring along my Polaroid SLR 680 SE and some of Impossible Project’s newest black and white and color films – actually, the color film is their special “silver frame” edition. I thought it appropriate for Christmas-y photos!

Ezra told me that this was the face he was going to make in all our pictures that day. It wasn’t 🙂

Mommy (Lisa) and new baby Lionel

Ezra, Mommy and Daddy’s #1 boy and big brother to Lionel

Mommy, Daddy (Rob), and Lionel

Lisa’s mom and Lionel

Sweet sleeping Lionel and his bunny

Polaroid SLR 680 SE • Impossible Project B&W 600/Color 600 Silver Frame


I already shared a few Polaroids from this year’s session with the Jacksons, but here’s a sampling from the rest  of my session with Meagan, Mike and Ezra*!

This boy is SO beautiful! 

Ezra and his daddy

Sweet kisses from Ezra

I think the Jacksons are secretly outerwear models and have just never told me

Mommy and Daddy, Meagan and Mike 

Ezra’s face in this one KILLS me!  

P.S. The Jacksons used one of these photos for their Christmas card this year, and they used  the card to announce that this will be their last Christmas as “three”! Congrats, Meagan and Mike!

*AKA Peter Parker/Spiderman

{Postcard Outtakes}

Back in May, I was asked by my friend Jason to pop up to Memphis for a little photo shoot. Jason is Director of Youth Ministry at Germantown United Methodist Church, and Sue is the Associate Director of Youth Ministry. They wanted to do a few photos for a postcard to send their students. We did some with my digital camera, and then I grabbed my Bronica ETRSi to snap a couple more. Their reaction was “Whoa! What is THAT camera?!” My big ole 645 camera, that’s what!

Bronica ETRSi • Zenzanon 75mm/2.8 EII • Kodak Portra 160 (some converted to black & white) 

{Just Married} Susan + Scott: The Bonus Photos

Better late than never, I’ve finally gotten together a few film photos from Susan and Scott’s wedding!

This was my first time using my Bronica ETRSi at a wedding, and I think I will have to bring along an assistant to carry it next time I use it at a wedding! Since Susan is a fellow film photography enthusiast, I gave her a bit of a thrill when I let her hold the Bronica – though she’s so petite that the camera looked super-sized in her hands! She must not have found that to be a problem, because she got herself an ETRS not too long after 🙂

Bronica ETRSi • Kodak Portra 160 color film & Lomography Lady Grey 400 b&w film