Life with the Samsung

Remember how I got a new mirrorless digital camera and posted my first impressions? Well now I have MORE impressions to share with you!

Hello, pretty little thing! 

And I begin with a confession:  I am enjoying a digital camera for the first time in my life. If you look through this blog or know me at all, you’ll know that I am a DIE HARD film photography fan. I tend to only shoot digital when I’m hired for weddings, portrait sessions, etc. But it’s true: I love this Samsung NX1100. In no way has it replaced the film cameras I inevitably have with me at all times, but  the NX1100 has been a fun addition to my camera arsenal! I’ve loved beaming photos over to my Samsung tablet and sharing them with the world  (my Instagram followers may recognize some of these!)

A really funny joke I was making about my Bronica ETRSi not fitting in the evening bag I was taking to a wedding. Okay. I was the only one who thought it was a funny joke. Probably. 

Caught Up

A very rainy day in Mississippi

Trying to move past my aversion to actually using the stash of expired film I’ve got in my fridge

Pumpkin pie bars I made for my family’s catering company

Pondering how I managed to get two knots in this ribbon wand when I was waved it as my friends left the reception of their wedding a couple of weeks earlier

Pecan pie bars I made for my family’s catering company (it’s a tough job being the desserts girl in the fam)

Vegan cupcakes I made for a catering job and for some friends

Strawberries of unknown origins on the door of my friend Clark’s apartment

What a rooftop patio looks like in the pouring rain

Very rainy day, very steep steps to Clark’s apartment

The prettiest tea I’ve ever seen, at Otherlands in Memphis

What can I say? I enjoy taking photos in coffee shops.

Vegan pumpkin biscuits I made. Why didn’t these happen sooner in my lifetime?

Sneak peek of something you’ll see more of soon: the day my mom got a tattoo! 

Precious little vegan cupcake pies 

More dessert I made for the family business: Mississippi mud cake! 

So excited about the new camera bag that just arrived!

Vegan mini pear pies, in two different mini sizes! 

A tiny slice of the aforementioned mini pear pie. So good! 

Globules of milk and food colouring floating in oil – the result of making red velvet cake

Now I’m hoping the camera lens fairy will bring me a nice 30mm or 16mm or 60mm lens for this sweet little camera *sigh*

One Thought on “Life with the Samsung

  1. Beautiful results, especially the photo of the spider web. I’m totally going to have to make pumpkin biscuits now!

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