Mini P♥I♥E!!!!!!

(Mini vegan cran-cherry pie…just a little pretty thing I made last week)
Nikon FE • Nikon 50mm/1.8 Ais + Hoya close-up filters • Kodak Gold 200

I have to say that I am loving my close-up filters. I was going through some of my miscellaneous photographic paraphernalia last year and found a mint set of Hoya close-up filters that I didn’t know I possessed. I was excited about this because I was planning a trip to London. I knew it would be easier to carry around a set of close-up filters rather than my usual macro extension tubes to get closer than my 50mm lens allows (which isn’t very close with this Nikon 50mm.) The filters basically work like magnifying glass that you screw into the filter ring on a lens. There are different magnification levels, and you can stack the filters to get the magnification you want. For example, the first two photos of the pie were taken with the +2 filter. The last was taken with both the +2 and the +1 filter together. See how using the two filters together allowed me to get even closer to my subject?

I’m sure there is some degradation of  the lens quality when you have such a simple little close-up filter attached, but I’ve not been bothered by it thus far!

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