{Just-ish Married} Lauren + Ben

Back in August, I was asked by my friend Daniel to assist him in shooting a wedding for a sweet couple named Lauren and Ben. This essentially meant that I acted as the “second shooter” and occasionally helped lug around Daniel’s equipment throughout the wedding day.

I’d never met Lauren or Ben before arriving at the house where they and their wedding attendants were getting ready, but I jumped right in and started snapping away! There were 13 attendants on each side, so the house was a flurry of sisters and friends and moms. And. of course, the dudes just casually hanging out while the ladies got all gussied up 🙂 It was a really fun day with a bride who was sooooo excited to get hitched to her groom. Literally, she was bouncing up and down with excitement as she stood on stage during their ceremony!

Here are a selection of my favorite photos from Lauren and Ben’s wedding day, which I captured as secondary photographer!

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