Hosoi Bros & Tanks {& Polaroids, Too}

How bout some band photos up in here? It’s been awhile!

I went to my friend Alex’s birthday party/show at the Hi-Tone last night. He had a couple of awesome bands play, and it was a lot of fun to hang out and hear some local bands play in honor of Alex. It was especially great because the Hi-Tone will be closing its doors soon. Sad face. I’m glad I got to go back, at least one last time!

 {Click through to photos of Hosoi Bros & Tanks @ The Hi-Tone. January 19, 2013.}

Happy birthday, Alex!





Technical note: Can you believe I took these band pictures with my point-and-shoot digital camera?? I sure didn’t expect that working with the manual controls  would allow me to get some decent band photos outta that thing! And the Polaroids were taken on expired Polaroid 600 film (probably the last original Polaroid film I’ll ever have a chance to shoot) and a Polaroid one600 camera, both of which were gifted to me by my buddy Daniel. 

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