Forgotten But Not Gone [Photos from the Past]

When I worked at a photo lab, I used to find it funny that some people took photos so infrequently that they’d have both Easter and Christmas photos on the same roll of film when they brought it in for development.

Guess what? I found one of my cameras, loaded with film, that contained photos from *cough* THREE years ago.

During my trip to England in 2006, I went to a camera fair. Essentially, I picked my traveling dates based on the dates of the camera fair in a town called Wolverhampton. I don’t reeeeeeally know why I did that – I definitely didn’t have extra money to spend on cameras! I loved it though, because I got to see a lot of cameras in person which I’d only seen online. I finally did buy a camera, the Agfa Isola I. The dealer knocked of a few quid because it was near the end of the day and he was looking to unload some of his goods.

Before purchasing this Agfa, I had another camera that was quite similar (a knock-off?) called a Dacora Digna (see some photos I took years ago with it here.) Maybe I didn’t need the Agfa, but I’m just a sucker for inexpensive little medium format cameras!

Real quick, here are some cool features of the Agfa Isola I:

•”Telescoping lens”
• The lens folds somewhat flat when not in use, and with a simple twist, pops out so you can take photos.

(I made a cheesy animated GIF to illustrate this action)

• Two exposure settings: Instant exposure (about 1/35 second, according to the manual – wow!), or bulb for long exposures.
• Two aperture settings: info I find says f/11 (“cloudy”) and f/16 (“sunny”)
• Built-in yellow filter (for black and white photography)

And the photos? Drumroll please…

 Any time I happened to remember about this camera and the photos I’d taken on it, I had a definite memory of photographing my friend Kelsey at Food Not Bombs, wearing a striped sweater. Beyond that, I had no idea what might be on that film. So, three years after the fact, I guess I was right about the details of the photo I’d taken of Kelsey! And I apparently also photographed the Cannon Center.

I think it’ll be a decent little camera medium format camera to tote around with me some times, as well of a reminder of a really lovely day I had when I visited England that one time.


4 Thoughts on “Forgotten But Not Gone [Photos from the Past]

  1. I think if you could “That’s what she said” an animated GIF, that would be the one.

  2. mike on March 5, 2010 at 1:29 am said:

    Yay, for light weight easily affordable cameras, and trips of discovery to the UK.

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