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Bokeh Wednesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Bokeh Wednesday, but here it goes:

Since I’ve had my Pentax K20D, I have really been missing the ability to do macro shots. For my Nikon D50 (my previous dSLR) and my Nikon film cameras, I have something called macro extension tubes to do close-up work. I mainly use this type of photography for my food photos, but it occasionally comes in handy in other areas as well. Essentially these extension tubes screw onto your lens, and create a distance between the film plane (or in the case of digital, the image sensor) and it causes the lens to focus more closely than normal (there is a more scientific explanation for this, but I am not well-versed in science or mathematics. Alls I know is that the tubes work!) You can stack tubes of different heights together to make your lens focus closer and closer – and it can get REAL close, folks, if you use more than one tube. I generally don’t do this because it’s just not my thang. However, macro tubes have really defined my food photography (there I go again, giving away my secrets…) I love ’em. Both my new Pentax-mount tubes and the ones I used on my Nikon bodies (which, incidentally, were designed for a whole nother lens mount called m42 which I have an adapter to make fit on Nikon, but that’s another topic for another day) are manual focus, generic tubes. They’re cheap as chips. I paid around $10 for the m42 tubes and abotu $12 for the new ones I just got for the Pentax.

I thought I should bake something to show off/test out the new tubes. I made pumpkin muffins. I even tried out my new snowflake silicone muffin “tin” (not really a tin since it’s not metal, eh?) I sprinkled some powdered sugar on top to add interest for the photo. I say the new extension tubes work pretty well! This was taken with the shortest tube attached – I told you it’ll get ridiculously close if you put on more than one. Look how close just the shortest one got us!

Of course, the more closely you focus on something, the more shallow the depth of field is going to be. That means with extension tubes, your depth of field is going to be WHOA shallow. You’d have to really close your aperture down to get much in focus. I don’t want too much in focus, so I keep my aperture pretty wide for this stuff.

So that’s it for this Bokeh Wednesday. Shallow depth of field AND pumpkin muffins? Mmmmm. Doesn’t get much better than that!

[Unofficial] Bokeh Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. How bout some bokeh?

(these two were taken Monday, but I was trying to be a minimalist in Monday’s post)


Part Bokeh Wednesday shot, part food porn shot. All delicious. Blueberry pancakes I brunched on at home this morning.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday (or a reasonable facsimile)

There is a Flickr group called Bokeh Wednesday. I am not a member of this group, and from the looks of it, I COULDN’T be (as they are currently not accepting new members.) However, it IS Wednesday. And I DO have some shots that show off bokeh* because I just got a lens with a large maximum aperture (a 50mm/2, for those of you who care about such details) for my digital camera (I have a Pentax K20d). And you know what that means? I am turning this into a bokeh Wendesday blog post. Hurray! It’s my way of sticking it to the man for not letting me join the official flickr group (just joking. I understand the overabundance of people who are excitedly posting photos with lovely bokeh on Wednesdays. I will happily join your merry band if membership is ever opened up again!)

Eaten Away


(More) Ginkgo

Your typical “out of focus lights in the background” bokeh shot

Just a picture of Adam Hite’s arm and kung poa shrimp? Yes. But I liked the bokeh.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday, people!

*Bokeh is the out-of-focus area(s) of photos. Different lenses render the out-of-focus areas in different ways, so some have bokeh that is pleasing to the eye and some don’t. Whether or not one finds a lens’ bokeh pleasing is entirely subjective, as are most matters pertaining to photography.