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{Coming Attractions} Muddy’s Menu Photos, IV

Okay you-y’all-ya’ll, maybe you’ll remember that I did a series of photo shoots last year for Muddy’s Bake Shop to be used for their online menu on an upcoming website redesign. I don’t know if this really counts as “coming attractions” still because…Well, that redesign is now up and running!

^^^^^ Yeah, dawg!!!

While we’d gotten photos of a HUGE percentage of Muddy’s baked goods, we did have a few stragglers/newer menu items to photograph. We had one (last?) product shoot last week at their Broad Avenue kitchen – what a beautiful space they’ve created over there, btw! You’ll be able to see the fruits of this latest shoot on the Muddy’s website soon, I’m sure, but here are a few just for fun photos in the meantime!

{Coming Attractions} Muddy’s Menu Photos, Part III

Here are some of my favorite “just for fun” shots from the third installment of the Muddy’s Menu Photos sessions. It was “vegan day” at the photo shoot, so the first four photos are a selection of Muddy’s vegan items. You KNOW I loved that, vegan baking enthusiast that I am!

If you are looking for me the next few days, I’ll be barricaded in the house, editing away at more and more photos of baked goods! And then baking cakes to feed a couple hundred folks at a banquet next week. YIIIEEEE!!


{Coming Attractions}: Muddy’s Menu Photos, Part II

A few quick peeks into Muddy’s Menu Photos, Part II!

(that last one an explosion of creativity from Kat and Kip. Gordon Super Powers, Activate!)

Another day filled with nearly a dozen cakes and a dozen cupcake varieties, not to mention pies, cookies and bars – and we’re not done yet, folks! So I’ll be posting more sneaky peeks from the photo shoots, PLUS I’ll have behind the scenes photos taken on film which might make a guest appearance on the blog.  In other words: more to come!

Cake Mantel

Fake fire burning in the fireplace.  Mantel full of cake.  Welcome to a look behind the scenes of a food photography shoot.

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