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There’s a Baby A-Comin’! {for Annie & Jeremy}

Well actually, Baby Eli arrived last week, so I decided it would be a good time to post the maternity session I did with his parents! Not to mention it’s Mother’s Day, and this is Annie’s first year as a Mommy!

I love Annie and Jeremy so much. I’ve known them for nearly ten years (wow!), I sang at their wedding, and I felt so honored that they asked me to do some photos of them a few weeks before their little one was due to arrive.

I looooooved this! Jeremy’s grandfather was a rodeo man, and they got the baby some little bitty cowboy boots to pay homage to him! So sweet.

Congratulations to Annie and Jeremy on the arrival of Eli, and a very Happy First Mother’s Day to Annie!

{Coming Attractions} Baby Eli

“Coming Attractions” in more than one sense!

More from my maternity session with the Townsends, coming soon. Baby Eli, coming soon.