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{A Worthy Cause} The Hard Places Community

I know this isn’t the usual Shoot With Personality subject matter, but I’d like to let you all know about a very¬†worthy cause…

Tonight, I had the pleasure of hearing my dear friend Drew Mellon speak on behalf of the Hard Places Community.  Hard Places Community is a wonderful organization that works to combat sex trafficking of children in Southeast Asia. Drew was speaking in the Memphis area in order to promote the event known as Traffick Jam, a walk-a-thon which serves as a way to raise funds and awareness for Hard Places. To give you an idea about what it is that this organization does, they outline their mission via their website as:

We strive to bring an end to the sexual exploitation of children through prevention, intervention, and restoration. The Hard Places Community was founded in 2008, and has consistently worked among and on behalf of exploited and at risk children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and other areas around the world.

Here are some resources for more information on the Hard Places Community and Traffick Jam. I hope you will choose to become involved, whether it be through participating in a Traffick Jam near you, by making a financial contribution to the organization, or by just helping spread the word!

  • Hard Places Community homepage
  • Traffick Jam 2012 Facebook page
  • For those who aren’t able to hear Drew speak in person, here is a wonderful video where he talks about Hard Places and Traffick Jam