{A Good Day}

Not to be overly serious, but I’m writing this blog post during a period of time that is scary for a lot of us due to a global pandemic (truly a sentence I never imagined writing on my website dedicated to photographic fun!) But it is what it is.

I got a big batch of film back the same week when things really started to get serious in this country. A lot of us are homebound now. I was glad it worked out that way, because I got to see so many good memories I’d made with my family – particularly my niece – in the past year. It helped soothe some of the anxious feelings about these uncertain times. The photos in this particular post were from a day in September of last year when my niece and I snuck up to Memphis to have a little day out together. It was a good day. We ate at one of our favorite spots, the Vietnamese restaurant Pho Bihn, had coffee at City & State, and wound up getting donuts before heading back down to Mississippi. Everything was good. We enjoyed each other’s company. A good day.

Sneaky trip to the lunch buffet at Pho Bihn. The fact that Anna Marie loves the tofu there makes my heart soar!

Stopped for a pour over at City & State 

Cutest donut shop – delicious donuts! 

(And a couple of bonus photos of the City & State sticker we bought for my sister on our good day)

Canon Rebel Ti • Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM • Fuji Superia 400


This was also the day that I told her the reason I take so many photos of her is that I know we will blink our eyes, and she’ll be off to start a life of her own. I told her that, for me, it was important to do this on film because it’s my sentimental preference. My medium of choice  🙂

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