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Family Photography: The Jackson Family

Squeeeeeee! This is one of my very favorite type of photo sessions to do: Photos of  parents with their first baby. I call it the “You and Me and Baby Makes Three” session. This photo session was with the AWESOME Jackson family – Mike, Meagan and Baby Ezra.

I just love little families, and there’s just something really sweet about being able to document them in the early part of their lives together as a family.

One thing I like to do when making photos of a family is to get some shots of them at their home. I like to think they’ll be able to look back at the photos one day and say “And this is when we lived on so-and-so street,” reminiscing about that era of their lives. It doesn’t hurt that the Jacksons’ home could be described as “way cute and way cool”!

Other than grabbing some photos of the Jacksons at their home, I had spoken to to Meagan ahead of time about other possible locations for our session. She is also a photographer, and clearly has a great sense of style, so her input was really important to me!

One spot Meagan wanted to hit up was the I ♥ Memphis mural in Cooper-Young. The pictures turned out super cute! I thought the mural was made a perfect backdrop for this little Midtown family. It’s bright red and has a huge heart painted on it. What’s not to (wait for it…) LOVE?!

After we finished in Cooper-Young, there was a quick “wardrobe change” then we were on to the next location: Overton Park.

I was so happy that the afternoon turned out to be simply beautiful. One thing I haven’t mentioned about our session that day is the fact that it had initially been a rainy and dreary morning in the Mid-South. I thought we were going to very literally have to take a “rain check” and reschedule for another day. I was astonished at the gorgeous day it turned out to be! Really couldn’t have asked for nicer weather for photographing this little family out and about in Midtown.

I had tons of  fun with the Jacksons. Mike and Meagan are great folks. And goodness, who could resist that little Ezra with his sweet cheeks and those gorgeous blue eyes! I’m very happy I had the opportunity to photograph this sweet family.