Baby Photography: Silas Edition

Now’s the time, boys and girls, that I write about photo shoots I’ve had with babies recently.

First up: Baby Silas! A cheerful 9 month old.

Location: Downtown Memphis

Baby Silas’ mom and grandma were kind enough to meet with me downtown to get some photos of this sweet little fella. He was an absolute DOLL the entire shoot!

One of my favorite aspects of doing baby photo shoots is when the parents bring along special, meaningful items to include in some of the shots. On this shoot with Silas, his mother brought the toy guitar his soldier father bought for Silas.

They were also kind enough to bring along this BEAUTIFUL blanket that a lady from the family’s church made for Silas. I was really pleased to incorporate the special blanket into Silas’ photos.

The photo shoot with Baby Silas was especially meaningful for me to do, because his father is in the military and has been deployed since Silas was a few months old. I love the fact that I have the ability to capture this baby boy, and, thanks to the internet, the images can make it across the ocean for his daddy to see.

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