“Chase What Makes Your Heart Flutters”

That’s the name of a 238 song, and that’s what I feel like I’m doing at the moment.

Ummmmmmerz. I got a new job.

I’ve mentioned in the past on this blog (and most who read this know anyway), I began working at a photography studio in the early summer.  Photography of rising high school seniors is DEF a seasonal thing and I had no promise of a job one “senior season” was over. Thankfully, they had another seasonal position for me within the studio, more of an office job (which has been AWESOME, thanks to my working with my oldest friend in the world every day.) However, it’s a hard thing going from one temporary job to another.

I’ll spare you the longer version of this story (involving two, nail-biting months of waiting it out and how I knew deep down in my soul that this was my job), but I am proud to announce that I am an employee in the field of customer service at Muddy’s Bake Shop! I had my first training shift last night. So exciting!

My job duties include (but are not limited to):

Assisting customers at the baked goods case. So when you and your friends come in and say “I want one of those, one of those and one of those,” I can help you with that.

Washing dishes. Everybody at Muddy’s does this at some point in their shift. It’s cool, baby. I don’t mind pitching in with the dirty work.

Filling orders. Special orders are necessary for certain quantities or flavors of baked goods. I gots to help make that happen.

Making customers happy, in general. This part of the job will cover many different areas, as they arise!

Making sure the case is stocked with baked goods. I.e. If I see we’re running out of the Prozac cupcakes, I gotta see if we have any more!

FROSTING CUPCAKES, APPARENTLY! This was my favorite part of my first shift in the bakery, and I didn’t know it was something my position would allow me to do. I’m not sure customer service folks usually do that on the first night. But, as I informed the bakery manager at my second interview, “I know my way around an icing bag.” And guess what I did for you? Took pictures! Of the second tray I frosted and sprinkled. The first one, eeeeeh, probably yielded some Capote cupcakes for the “pity pile” (I’d just called it the “poor, unfortunate ugly cupcake pile.”) But I got in the swing of things with icing the second batch (the Pucker Up.)

I did it! Yay for Amanda!

I took this with my sister in mind, and she will know why. P.S. I don’t have a new hair-do, though it looks that way in this photo…

The cupcakes I frosted, in the case. How special for me!

So that’s a little update for folks about me, the owner and proprieter of Shoot With Personality. Waaa-hooo!


My boss, the lovely Kat, was on Fox 13 in Memphis yesterday morning!


I really love the Muddy’s website and think you should visit it. The blog is especially fun.

P.P.P.S. I have never had such an outpouring of love and support from my friends and family as I’ve had since I began to seek a job at Muddy’s. For those people and their support, I am truly grateful.

2 Thoughts on ““Chase What Makes Your Heart Flutters”

  1. Don’t stop believin!

    (Try singing that without thinking about Mary on a midnight donkey down to Bethlehem. I dare you.)

  2. That was the funniest part of that video for me. That, and Ron touching his chest. *shivers*

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