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{No Time Like the Present} Pentax Espio Mini, 2019


A small blog of photos taken with a small camera…

Pentax Espio Mini ā€¢ Fujicolor 200


{No Time Like the Present} Pentax Espio Mini, 2018

I was so jazzed when I got these Pentax Espio Mini/UC-1 photos back this spring. I definitely didn’t remember what I’d taken on this roll of film (a recurring theme with these “No Time Like the Present” posts šŸ˜‚ ) The Pentax is probably my favorite little point and shoot, and this was definitely a reminder to shoot with it more often!

A little outing to the town of Sardis, Mississippi

I don’t like Pepsi, but I did like this Pepsi vintage truck that was at my job one day

Dilly <3

Area 51 ice cream in Hernando, MississippiĀ 

My favorite pastime: rolling up the change from my bluebird of happiness coin bank

Balloons DOWN

Pentax Epsio Mini ā€¢ Fujicolor 200 film


{Oh Smoky Mountains}

Here’s a story for you:

My family and I had a little vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee/The Smoky Mountains in September 2016. I took only film with me, waited awhile before I sent it away to be developed, and got a surprise once the film arrived at the photo lab: the package had been damaged in transit, and two rolls of film had gone missing. I was gutted. I knew at least one of those rolls was the primary roll I’d shot while we were in the Smokies. There would be nothing I could do to recover those photos. Thankfully, once I got my film scans back, I found that my secondary roll of film hadn’t been lost after all. Basically the first couple of days of our trip were on the film that was lost (as well as photos from the rest of the vacation,) but at least I also have some Instax Mini photos to share from those first two days!

Fannie Farkles Family Fun Parlor, downtown Gatlinburg

We can never get enough No Way Jose’s Mexican food while in G’burg!

In the Village Shops in Gatlinburg – was surprised to see a British red phone box here, as I’d just been photographing them in London a few weeks earlier šŸ˜‰

We went to The Apple Barn sooooo many times on this trip!Ā 

There was some sort of Harley Davidson meet-up at our motel that weekend

“Homemade Wine,” downtown Gatlinburg

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium and the Gatlinburg Space Needle

Gatlinburg Space Needle and Arcade

This is a cannibalĀ pumpkin at Dollywood.Ā 

50s-themed area in Dollywood called Jukebox Junction

EPIC eagle sculpture near the Wild Eagle rollercoaster

Red’s Diner

Inside Red’s DinerĀ 

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH – Rockin’ Roadway, Jukebox Junction

Metal sunflower sculptureĀ 

Rides in the County Fair section at Dollywood

Smoky Mountain Cat HouseĀ 

Our drive through Smoky Mountains National Park, on our way to Cherokee, North CarolinaĀ 

On our way back from Cherokee, we stopped at Mountain Farm Museum in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

I made my brother-in-law pose for this photo

Pinhole photo at the Farm MuseumĀ 

Chicken at the Farm MuseumĀ 

Crazy overexposed photo of the chicken

Delicious ice cream shop in downtown Gatlinburg

Light fixture made of spoon’s at Maypops

Caramelcorn, downtown Gatlinburg

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium

Ah, good ole Fisherman Cove (the area of our hotel in Gatlinburg where our room was located)

Bear sculpture in the parking lot of our motel

One last pit stop at the Apple Barn before driving back to Mississippi

Truck stop on our way back to Mississippi

These photos came to mean even more to me because, a couple of months after we were in the Smokies, there were devastating fires which reeked havoc on theĀ area. I don’t yet how the landscape will have changed since I was last there, but I am so thankful for our time in that beautiful part of our country. We also found out that the motel we’d stayed in for our 2015 and 2016 Gatlinburg vacations had torn down so they could build a resort hotel there, so things will definitely be different for us next time we visit the area!

Photos taken with my Pentax Espio Mini, Fuji Instax Mini 90, and Lomography Diana F+

{Short and Sweet} 2.0

I wasn’t sure that there were enough photos in this set to warrant a blog post, but much like my previous “Short and Sweet” blog, I am posting them any ole way!

These are photos from the same roll that gave us the Forrister “forgotten frames,” but these don’t really qualify as forgotten. When you keep a compact 35mm camera with you at all times, you can end up with a random assortment of photos on one roll. This film was loaded in September and finished in February. It started its life at a photo shoot for Muddy’s and ended its journey at the aforementioned show where I photographed Forrister.

Muddy’s Broad AvenueĀ gnomes on the windows

Window looking in to the kitchen at Muddy’s Broad Avenue

Snapshot of one of the groupings we photographed for the Muddy’s holiday look book

Rainy day at Dollywood

My rainy day at Dollywood styleĀ aesthetic in a mirror self-portrait

I can’t resist photographing cars that have rims painted to match the car itself

Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law’s house

I don’t remember when this was, I just know my niece was being pouty at dinner one night

Pentax Espio Mini ā€¢ Agfa Vista Plus 400

This roll just confirmed for me what a great little camera the Espio Mini is. I think it might have earned a spot in my “travel camera” arsenal!

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