About the SWP Blog

What’s the Shoot With Personailty blog about, anyhoo?

Glad you asked!

Is this a personal blog?


Is this a professional blog?


I share many aspects of my life on the Shoot With Personality blog. I love to do posts about photo shoots I’ve done with clients. As a self-proclaimed “camera geek” and film enthusiast, I do profiles on some of my favorite pieces of photographic equipment for SWP. You may find photos of my family or friends as you browse the blog postings.  If I make a pretty cake, you might just see a photo of it here. When I go on any a photographic adventure, I detail it on SWP. In short: any aspect of my life which has been captured via photography is fodder for the Shoot With Personality blog. I hope the scope of this blog helps you learn something about me and my work, whether you’re a potential client or someone who lands on this website by some other means. So feel free to take a look around. I hope you like what you see!

2 Thoughts on “About the SWP Blog

  1. I knew you were talking about Tony as soon as you mentioned rangefinders 🙂 these are stunning photos! I’ve always been a little intimidated by rangefinders but the more I see about them, the more intrigued I am!

    • That’s so funny. Adam Simons knew when he saw a picture of my Kiev on Instagram that it was the influence of Mr. Gale. Tony Gale: champion of the rangefinders!

      You totally should try one. Even if I didn’t find using the Kiev to be so enjoyable, that Helios lens is so wonderful that I’d probably keep using the camera anyway!

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