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{First Birthday} Eli!!!

Sweet baby Eli!

Eli is the son of my friends Annie and Jeremy. I did some maternity photos of Annie before Eli first graced this world with his presence, but I had only gotten to see the baby in passing before  the day of his birthday party. Boy, had I been missing out! I immediately cottoned to this little one. I always enjoy a baby who’ll let me tote ’em around 🙂

The house was decked OUT in all things Disney and Mickey Mouse! Including Eli himself!

Eli and his buddy Ethan

Couldn’t resist a couple of extra pictures of  Ethan, too!

There were plenty of friends and family on hand for Eli to visit with during his party

Time for the smash cake!

Eli really wasn’t too on board with this whole “smush cake around with your hands and shove it in your mouth” scenario…

They brought in Ethan to see if he could help pique Eli’s interest in the cake.

Spoiler: It didn’t really work 🙂 So it was time for presents!

It’s little wonder than Eli was so tuckered out that he ended the party asleep in his grandmother’s arms…

{First Birthday} Nathan!!!

This little rascal smiled for this one because he was about to knock the chalk board over!

This is Nathan, and he just turned one!

His parents, Emily and Doug, asked me if I’d be the photographer to document baby’s first birthday party, and I happily obliged. I must say that it was a lot of fun! I spent my time at Nathan’s party snapping photos of him, his sisters, the other little ones who were there to celebrate, and the all important eating of the “smash cake!”

A child on a mission: put him down and he immediately tried to make his escape! 

Nathan and his big sisters, Paisley and Lexie

The kids had such a good time!

Party favors – it was picnic themed


Tearing in to that smash cake!

Nathan with him Daddy and Mommy – believe it or not, this was actually taken AFTER the smash cake was demolished by the baby! They were very wise about letting him get messy and then cleaning him right up! 

(I think I might have to sell this family a season pass for birthday party photos, since their family seems to be ever-growing! They just announced that baby #4 is due later this year!)


Hey! How about some more photos from Muddy’s birthday bash last month?

Congratulations on a super successful first four years at Muddy’s. And many happy returns!

What’s a Muddy’s party without champagne in classy, vingtage-style “champagne coupes”?

LOTS of friends of the shop and customers came in to celebrate with the Muddy’s gang

There was even a performance of an original song about Muddy’s!

No birthday party is complete without the “Happy Birthday” song. Kat was serenaded by a rendition of the song, played on kazoo and ukulele 

Just a few of the staff members it takes to keep Muddy’s up and running AND awesome!

Again, congratulations to Kat and everyone who has worked so hard over the past four years to make Muddy’s a success. I’m sure there are many more Leap Day parties in your future 🙂

It’s Party Time! Excellent!

Muddy’s Bake Shop had a big birthday recently. Depending upon your point of view, Muddy’s either turned four years old or one year old. That’s because the bakery is a Leap Day baby!

I was asked by Muddy’s owner, Kat, to come snap photos at the big birthday bash she threw for the shop on Leap Day.  IT WAS SO FUN! Lots of customers, employees, and friends of the shop showed up for the party. The place was buzzing! I was so pleased to be a part of it all! I’ll post more “official” photos from the party soon, but here are some “just for funsies” ones I took with my Pentax ZX-7 that night!