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{Testing the Batch} Expired Fuji Sensia 200

As I explained in the “Testing the Batch” post for my expired Fuji Sensia 400, I also got several rolls of Sensia 200. Like the 400, the expiration of the Sensia 200 is also unknown to me. So I loaded a roll of it into my Lomography La Sardina and just crossed my fingers that it would be okay for cross-processing!

Double exposure

Annie <3

Double exposure featuring Arrow (R.I.P.)

Oxford, Mississippi near Christmas

Hernando, Mississippi

Motorcycle at work

Hernando, Mississippi

Senatobia, Mississippi

Cooper-Young, Midtown Memphis

Slanted view of Mallory’s stove

Lomography La Sardina • Fuji Sensia 200, expiration date unknown, cross-processed


probably shouldn’t have used a camera with fixed exposure settings to test this film, since I know the La Sardina is pretty “light hungry.” But, if you love grainy, cross-processed toy camera photos, you probably LOVED these! As for the film itself, I like the results, though I will probably use my remaining stock of it in cameras that allow me to set the exposure myself.

{Testing the batch} Expired Kodak Pro 400MC 2.0

Maybe you’ve noticed by now that I sometimes buy batches of expired film. I had some film called Kodak Pro 400MC a couple of years ago, which expired in 1996. I LOVED it. It was some of my favorite expired film which I’ve ever used. I wished I had lots more rolls of it once I ran out! Here are some examples of that Pro 400MC batch:

(those last two were taken in London <3)

I finally decided to buy more Pro 400MC from ebay, knowing that it wouldn’t necessarily give me the same look as the other set of Pro 400MC I had, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. I got three rolls that expired in 1999 (well, I bid on five, but then the seller realized that there were only three in the box and the other two were something else. More on that another time though…) ANYWAY, I used the test roll on one of my niece’s “$5 photo shoots” on July 4, in her “photo shoot worthy” Nintendo shirt. I know some purists won’t like the way the expired film looks in these, but I kind of LOVE them. A lot.

Fuji GA645i • Kodak Pro 400MC, expired 1999

I shot the film at 200 ASA to help compensate for the age of the film, but I will probably want to do exposure compensation in tricky lighting situations, because film this old doesn’t have as much “latitude” as fresh film. I noticed that when I used the other batch of Pro 400MC I had in my GA645i, it wasn’t as well-exposed as when I used it in a camera where I set the exposure instead of the camera doing it (which is the case with the GA645i.)


{Short and Sweet} 2.0

I wasn’t sure that there were enough photos in this set to warrant a blog post, but much like my previous “Short and Sweet” blog, I am posting them any ole way!

These are photos from the same roll that gave us the Forrister “forgotten frames,” but these don’t really qualify as forgotten. When you keep a compact 35mm camera with you at all times, you can end up with a random assortment of photos on one roll. This film was loaded in September and finished in February. It started its life at a photo shoot for Muddy’s and ended its journey at the aforementioned show where I photographed Forrister.

Muddy’s Broad Avenue gnomes on the windows

Window looking in to the kitchen at Muddy’s Broad Avenue

Snapshot of one of the groupings we photographed for the Muddy’s holiday look book

Rainy day at Dollywood

My rainy day at Dollywood style aesthetic in a mirror self-portrait

I can’t resist photographing cars that have rims painted to match the car itself

Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law’s house

I don’t remember when this was, I just know my niece was being pouty at dinner one night

Pentax Espio Mini • Agfa Vista Plus 400

This roll just confirmed for me what a great little camera the Espio Mini is. I think it might have earned a spot in my “travel camera” arsenal!

{Short and Sweet}

This was a roll that was fraught with problems. Not problems with the film itself, but with the camera. My beloved (and sometimes cantankerous) Kiev 4AM was having some issues with its shutter again while this roll was in it. On various occasions, I had to let part of this roll get fogged by light so I could tinker with the shutter, therefore a lot of the frames of film weren’t usable. However, the images that DID work out are kind of wonderful. The Helios lens for the Kiev is truly a gem!


I think this is the first time I have photographed the often-featured Luv Bots in black and white

Back door view


Stormy day

My niece visiting my mom in the hospital a few months ago

Hospital clock

Kiev 4AM • Helios-103 53mm f/1.8 • Ilford FP4+

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