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{Testing the Batch} Expired Fuji Sensia 200

As I explained in the “Testing the Batch” post for my expired Fuji Sensia 400, I also got several rolls of Sensia 200. Like the 400, the expiration of the Sensia 200 is also unknown to me. So I loaded a roll of it into my Lomography La Sardina and just crossed my fingers that it would be okay for cross-processing!

Double exposure

Annie <3

Double exposure featuring Arrow (R.I.P.)

Oxford, Mississippi near Christmas

Hernando, Mississippi

Motorcycle at work

Hernando, Mississippi

Senatobia, Mississippi

Cooper-Young, Midtown Memphis

Slanted view of Mallory’s stove

Lomography La Sardina • Fuji Sensia 200, expiration date unknown, cross-processed


probably shouldn’t have used a camera with fixed exposure settings to test this film, since I know the La Sardina is pretty “light hungry.” But, if you love grainy, cross-processed toy camera photos, you probably LOVED these! As for the film itself, I like the results, though I will probably use my remaining stock of it in cameras that allow me to set the exposure myself.

{La Sardina} In Spring

Remember that time I won a Lomography La Sardina? Being a toy camera with very limited control over exposure and focus settings, the La Sardina is a camera that I don’t bring out very often. It’s hard to get through a roll in a timely manner sometimes due to the fixed aperture and shutter speeds. That’s because the camera is really light hungry! But once the sun starting to show its face again this spring, I decided that it was time to be purposeful about shooting a roll with the La Sardina!


Corvette, at work

Storm rolling in

I keep thinking that this peeling paint looks like a family standing side-by-side

I have what you might call a “toothy grin” (on Cinco de Mayo)

Fire department in the town where I live, taken from the car with the window rolled down

At my aunt’s house in Texas for a day and a half

Pit stop at a Dairy Queen in Louisiana on our way back to Mississippi (both are bulb exposures)

If you ever use a La Sardina camera, I think it’s at its best on sunny days or when you use its bulb setting to give more exposure control. That’s the secret to any success I’ve had with it anyway! (That’s the secret to my success with any toy camera…)

Lomography La Sardina • Kodak High Definition 400 film, expired in 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I won, ya’ll, I won! 

I have entered many photo-related blog giveaways. Never have I ever won a darn thing. That is, until last month.

A lovely Memphis photographer/designer/blogger/all around awesome lady named Sophorn was given a Lomography La Sardina to try for herself and one to give away to one of her readers. A chance to win a camera? I’m all about that! I crossed my fingers and hoped and prayed that I’d win. As I stated in the comment I left in order to enter the contest, I’d been drooling over this camera for awhile and:

I may or may not have spent a lot of hours this spring looking at a billion photos on Flickr and the Lomography site that were taken with La Sardina cameras…In the name of research, of course.

So imagine my delight when I woke up one Tuesday morning to an email from Sophorn, saying I’d actually been randomly selected as winner of the La Sardina! It seriously made my week! Or month, for that matter. I had my choice of the Mobius or Domino design. While I think the purple and yellow on the Mobius is so pretty, who could resist that striking black and white design on the Domino?? Certainly not I! The camera arrived a week and a half later, just in time to be with me when I was on a mini staycation, a mere half an hour from home. This little getaway yielded some cinematic moments (literally, we went to see a movie at the Orpheum that day!) and what better way to capture those moments than with a pretty little wide angle toy camera??

I think Sophorn did a bang up job of giving the tech specs and history on the camera, so I will point you over to her blog to read about it. That means I can just jump straight into sharing the images from the first few rolls I took with my new La Sardina!

Roll, Numero Uno (the best of the bunch) – Holga brand (actually Foma) black and white film, 400 ASA 

Roll, Numero Dos – expired Fujicolor 200

Roll,  Numero Tres  (oh so cloudy day)- Holga Brand 640 ASA film