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{Just Married} Jessica + Dustin

After giving you a bit of a sneak peek with some film photos of the day, I’m so happy to finally share Jessica and Dustin’s wedding photos with you!

Jessica and Dustin’s wedding took place on a rainy Sunday afternoon at a FABULOUS venue in Memphis, The Atrium. And what a fun wedding day it was! 

I started the day photographing Dustin and his groomsmen. I think it’s safe to say that they were enjoying themselves.

Then I got to go see JESSICA! She looked truly stunning.

Jessica’s bridesmaids, her friend Madison and sister Rebecca, helped Jessica get ready in the pretty little private room at the Atrium

So cute! Jessica and her mom!

Jessica’s nephew was the ring bearer/scene-stealer

Jessica gets a look at the room where her wedding will take place in a short while

More baby-chasing 😉 

Jessica pins on her father’s boutonniere 

As I explained when I posted their engagement photos, Jessica and Dustin met at a drive-in movie. There were some fun nods to that on their wedding day. 

Guests arriving

The lovely trio who played for the ceremony

Dustin and his groomsmen, waiting for the ceremony to begin

Jessica’s mom and nephew

Dustin hugging his mother before she takes her seat

“Wherein the baby tried to give the ring box to everyone as he walked down the aisle”

Such a sweet look on Dustin’s face as he sees his bride enter the room

(and Rebecca’s tears – it was very touching)

I loved how much laughter was shared during the ceremony! 

Exchanging rings

The kiss!

And now they’re Dr. and Mrs. Temple! Jessica was excited.

Waiting to be announced at the reception

Hey! It’s Dr. and Mrs. Temple!

It was hard to pare down the “first dance photos” to post here – I took a million because Jessica and Dustin were just precious as they danced to “All of Me”!


Enjoying the little ones during the reception

It wasn’t long before the dancing commenced!

Time to toss the bouquet!

After the reception, the newlyweds’ friends and family lined the steps leading out of The Atrium to bid them adieu.

Byeeeeee Jessica and Dustin! 

Just kidding. They came right back and danced some more. 

More dancing ensued. Including a soul train line. I think a good time was had by all!

And then, with little fanfare, Dustin and Jessica were on their way. But there was also a group hug with their friend Dylan before they drove off to begin their lives as husband and wife.

Congratulations to Jessica and Dustin! It was a wonderful day, and I hope I was able to convey that with my photos!

{Forgotten Frames} Double Exposed, Years Apart

I have an odd one to share with you today.

Back in 2012, I borrowed Gabe’s Hasselblad for awhile. He told me that the film loaded in it was one with an ISO of 160, so that’s how I shot it.  Stands to reason, right? When I finished the roll, I found that it was actually a roll of Agfa Ultra 50. That meant the film would be underexposed by nearly two stops. I thought I shouldn’t bother getting the film developed, so I just put the film away in a drawer. Then, two years later (2014) I had this idea that maybe if I exposed the film in the Yashica-Mat I’d just gotten, I could fix the underexposure problem by double exposing it. I put it in the Yashica, shot the roll again, and put the film away yet again because I didn’t think it’d be worth developing. Now, in 2015, I finally just threw the roll of Agfa Ultra into a batch of film that I was sending the photo lab anyway. The results are interesting, on a couple of levels. 1. With the exception of one photo, I didn’t remember anything I’d shot when the film was in the Hasselblad. 2. The photos, for the most part, didn’t line up as proper double exposures. Some of them don’t seem to be double exposed at all??? 3. I have NO recollection of what I photographed when I transferred the film into the Yashica-Mat. That makes it hard to discern which layer of the double exposure was taken with which camera. I can make some educated guesses, but that’s about it.

I believe that the more “prominent” images on each double-exposed frame was taken with the Hasselblad. I didn’t seem to do a very good job getting enough light onto the film when it was in the Yashica-Mat. From what I can tell, I think I shot things in the Yashica-Mat that I thought might add a textural layer to the original exposures. But, from the looks of it, I might have given the film almost enough exposure when it was in the Hassy that I might not have even needed to undertake this silly pursuit!

Oy vey!

{Fuji ST605N} Roll Three Love

I already posted my “Two Rolls In” blog about the Fujica ST605N, but I am pretty excited about Roll Three as well. Though I am in love with the roll of Ilford HP5+ I shot as Roll Two now, I’d struggled to get through that roll because everything was so colorful in the spring (if I’m honest!) I finished the black and white roll on a bright day in Batesville, Mississippi, and I immediately loaded some Lomography CN 100 in the camera to finish out my photos walk in Batesville. I totally feel like I did the right thing, ya’ll.

Caught in the act, Roll Three in progress (taken with my Olympus Stylus Epic)

Lots of cool light fixtures outside the storefronts around the Batesville town square

I am so clever. A double reflected-surface portrait: a portrait of me, a portrait of my mom.

This next bit, I admit that I was totally enamored with my Vans, which had arrived that day, and kept including them in photos…

A double Vans portrait – the actual shoes and the shoes reflected in the window glass.

All the stained glass and red walls oooooooh

Disued gas station. So Americana, amiright?

The next photos were taken in Midtown Memphis, when I was there to shoot Jessica and Dustin’s wedding that weekend (also the location of the photo of the Fujica featured at the top of this post.)

Otherlands’ deck

Tattooed mom

I don’t think the color of the house is an noticeable in the photo as it was in real life, but I HAD to photograph this turquoise vintage Bronco in front of this pink house near Overton Square in Midtown Memphis! 

Normally, the above photos would have been posted in two separate sets: one for the Batesville photos and another for the Midtown Memphs photos. The photos below don’t really fall into any particular “series.” I’m throwing all these into one posting because I’m still all about the “Look at what I’m doing with my Fujica, ya’ll!”

I’ve photographed several Harleys at work, and this might be my fave

I couldn’t help it. All the colors were perfect, and I knew this film would nail them.

My Instax Mini 90 and some shots I made with it at work that day.

Dilly, day one

A last-minute baking commission at work

Fujica ST605N Lomography CN 100 film
All the Batesville photos were taken with a Sears 28mm/2.8 lens
The rest were taken with a Fujinon 55m/1.8 lens